New British Issue Under Armour Combat Shirt " Desert "

They've got good reviews from Herrick. You know for a fact that when they're issued the CQMS will quickly run out after the first twenty blokes have been through and he will only have XS and XXL left! Just like the boots.
The manufacturer was a bit behind schedule on the initial delivery of the UBACS. When they started to flood into the stores the RIP was already under way. To issue them at that point would have seen then almost immediately leave theatre with the out going troops. Therefore the decision was then made to delay a few weeks to ensure the in bound troops get the benefit.

The contract is already in place and large orders have been placed so that in future troops get the UBACS, and all the other op kit, before they start pre-deployment training. If memory serves everyone gets 3 shirts.

If QMs run out its because they didn't order the right sizes in the first place. There are loads in the DSDA stores and they should place new demands.
If I'm reading this right, this is made from coolmax, a polyester fabric which melts when exposed to heat and can cause some very nasty burns.

So we've issued a shirt to wear under armour in a war zone where you're normally ordered to wear natural fabrics which don't melt and cause skin burns?

Am I missing something?
The exposed bits do not melt, that's why the arms (which are exposed) are made of cotton\poly mix. Its designed to be worn under Osprey Body Armour and the Osprey cover will protect the coolmax bits. Likewise the issued t-shirt is a sweat wicking material but again its not designed to be worn as an outer layer but under a shirt. Likewise the issued sweat wicking antimicrobial underpants...nuf said


Our stores were told that we'd get them by August in June, we left theatre in the middle of October, with no sign of the shirts in sight, so if i was is afghan i wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them to turn up.
Crow bag is right but he, and the others on the last summer tour, have had the shi**y end of the stick.

As I said the system was let down by the contractors. The orders are placed months in advance and promises are made on delivery. Based on this information DC IPT pushes out the expected delivery dates both to PJHQ and on unit visits in country. Additionally QMs putting in their orders before deployment are told what is expected to be in the op bag months ahead. When a contrcator lets the MoD down it translates into broken promises given out by DC IPT. I would like to say its a rare occurrence but its not. With bigger and bigger overarching contracts being placed and the industry move to just in time management it does not take much to up set the apple cart.

For example manufacturing space on a production line in China is booked ages in advance, a flood or bad weather or a political election can effect when the kit actually hits the depots. Normally its an inconvenience as there is enough in the system to see us over these blips. However with a brand new bit of kit delays quickly translate into troops not getting what DC IPT has designed and PJHQ has funded.

The alternative is not telling anyone about the kit that is coming in which is a no starter. I have seen the numbers in the DepotÂ’ they are there and winging their way out as we speak. Big orders are already placed to make sure they are sitting waiting for the Autumn RIP.

As a member of the 'system' I apologise to crow bag that kit was not delivered on time. But someone had to make the decision and giving it to the next RIP was the sensible thing to do.


it' a great bit of kit, just started being issued with them now, a bit like the yank kit were you have a big velcro patch on each arm for badges ( yes I know!! but the R Signals fcuking liebe badges). It's being issued with the modular combat vest for osprey. IMHO kit is really getting thought about now.

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