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New British Body Armour

Yep, they're RAF. NI is no longer considered a High Threat environment.

I suspect this particular operator will be having a post task 'chat' with his SAT.
I would call having explosives placed under your car quite 'threatening'

Well done to the bobby involved. Slack drills could have cost him his entire family.

We were told to always check under your car etc when I joined up 1999. I dont think any of us bothered again after a week or two except for the lads from NI, they would even check on camp.
Good spot on that RAF flash. Helmets though, are you being serious!? You want to frighten the locals as little as possible after the 'fleg' was taken down.
Another thing with that osprey (apart from the DPMness) is the fact that its a mk3 outer with a mk2 inner that doesnt exactly fit. Quite uncomfortable I can assure you. There are other things worse in NI goin on with osprey but not 100% sure if it should be mentioned on a public forum so ill keep shtum.
Also pretty sure the RAF bloke is a high threat no 2.
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Dear listeners

The word on the street is that we are going back to wearing CannyBeArrsed when not on ops, but the streets of Belfast have different things to say. I know NI may only just be getting digital TV, and steam trains are to be phased out next year, but what is the DPM all about?

Source: 'Viable bomb' found under Belfast police officer's car | Metro News

Not quite ' we ' yet though is it. Anyhoo the throbber looks camera (and work) shy!

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Not convinced; I was surprised how much darker the MTP Osprey cover was compared to the clothing. Maybe it's the way the cordura doesn't reflect light. Still ******* heavy.
Back in 2000 in Crossmaglen, there was a similar set of body armour in each of the sangars, it was just referred to as 50 cal body armour. Can't really remember much about it, other than the fact that its very much like Osprey but DPM.
Back in 2000 in Crossmaglen, there was a similar set of body armour in each of the sangars, it was just referred to as 50 cal body armour
Wasn't it made of Boron or something like that? For lads on PVCPs and the like because of the risk from the Barrett sniper teams. Never had to wear it in Slipper City but I remember seeing a set once and being told about it.

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