new british barracks in germany site...

The site has potential, though it needs (lots of) input. Layout plans and photos could draw in a wealth of anecdotes.

If I were your mate, I'd see about getting sponsorship as it could turn out to be a full time job sifting through and including information if the site takes off.


I have some photo's of Bruggen I'll dig out.
Early stages, but loads of potential. Enjoyed looking at the site, some fond memories of various barracks.
Has the potential to be a really good site for all the (ex) Cold War Warriors out there (*Ahem* 12 years out of 32 here..). Tell your mate: nice work & stick at it! I have added to favs and will be fascinated to see how it develops over time.


If people contribute some decent photos that site has lots of potential. Two sites that immediately spring to mind that are not yet listed are Mülheim, home of 38 Sqn RCT, and Warendorf, home of some smelly RAOC fuel depot. Oh, Wulfen should be on it as well.


Ah, yes. Mülheim an der Ruhr where one Arnold George Dorsey aka Engelbert Humperdinck served in the Army in the 1950s. Also home of the language school in BAOR.
Superb site.


Marvellous site! Well done that man! However, he's omitted the former RAF location up on the hill in Obernkirchen inhabited by 29 Fd Amb (but which also came under BFPO 29, same as BMH Rinteln).

I'm sure I've still got some old piccies floating around, particularly of when a 432 slid helplessly down the hill on the ice during a crashout (around 1970, I think), demolished the fence at the bottom and got stuck in some Kraut's back garden for a week until the wrecker pulled it out. I'll have to have a good butcher's at the weekend.

my mate whos site it is, is well chuffed,, over 1500 hits this week, thanks to all, as you say its a site that can only get bigger,,,cheers


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Excellent site. I'm sure you must have plenty of photo's to add.


I do like the idea of collating pictures of the locations we served in before they disappear forever under the developer's buldozer. There are many on this site who have contributed their pictures over time and may wish to do so again.

Why limit the idea to the former BAOR?

Congratulations, wishes for the development of the site. I will most definately visit it again.