New British Army Uniforms First Day cover

I have the latest Royal Mail pam here, and the latest first Day Cover is uniforms through the ages. Looks good, and I will no doubt invest - but why have they chosen the Corps they have, I wonder?

RMP uniforms, and some Cap Badges, including the WRAC... Nothing against any of them, but curious.

Also, the pam states that Army personnel have a choice of seven uniforms, but do we all concur?
After 22 years' service I have many more than seven different uniform types to pick from... DMS, Puttees and KF shirt, along with OG trousers and skeleton order 58 webbing anyone? All topped off with a 44 pattern helmet, of course... And right up to date with a stunning selection of Service Dress, Combat 95, Deserts, and the old fave - V necked PT shirt and nut cracker PT shorts!

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