New British Army Issue Field Cooker

New British Army Issue Field Cooker

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A new review has been created: New British Army Issue Field Cooker

Time has finally caught up with the hexamine stove and it has now been replaced by a modern eco-friendly stove from BCB International using their sustainable, ethanol based 'Fire Dragon' fuel. I've been fortunate enough to have received a sample so thought I'd offer you my thoughts.

The first observation is that it is definitely lighter than the hexy stove which I'm sure will delight anyone who has to carry it more than a short distance. The actual metal stove is also significantly smaller, and I'd guess is approx two thirds of the size. Where it loses out against the hexy is that you can't store all the fuel tablets inside the stove which has the effect of making the whole thing slightly more bulky. I managed to squeeze half of the tablets (three) inside the stove but it wasn't a particularly elegant solution.

Using the stove is a doddle and very similar to its predecessor. Simply open up the double hinge on the metal stove, remove the foil from the fuel pack and place it in the centre. Lighting was much easier than hexamine and the Fire Dragon fuel was going as soon as it was exposed to a naked flame. Unlike hexamine I couldn't smell anything whilst the fuel was burning and I was also able to cook inside knowing that the smoke is non-toxic.

The MoD requirement for the stove was for it to boil half a litre of water inside 11 minutes and the manufacturer claims that the FireDragon can do it in approx 8. My test was done under less than scientific conditions but I obtained boiling water in approx 10 minutes which was just less than the burn duration of a single fuel tablet.

Once cooking was complete, there was no nasty residue on the stove and only some soot on the bottom of my cooking cup. This was very easily removed with a dry rag without need for any sort of washing or scouring.

So overall this is a very nice improvement to the antiquated hexamine stove and modern soldiers are very lucky to be getting them instead. It is easy to light, burns very cleanly, can be used indoors and will stash easily in your kit. Obviously it isn't going to rival a JetBoil or similar for cooking performance but it is a fraction of the size and cost. It also has the added advantage that you can always rely on the CQMS/SQMS having a plentiful supply of them!
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The fuel tablets make good firelighters too
ORP FUEL BLOCK PACK 50 IS NSN 9110-99-426-2694

ORP FUEL STOVE PACK 100 IS NSN 7310-99-587-4226

Just for your info, with the stove having a 7310 NSN, double check the details on MJDI.
If it is under the DAS category then don’t just submit an MJDI electronic demand - unless someone in LEIDOS rejects your demand and sends you an email with my phone number/email address then it will just sit there for 6 months until you chase it and get given my phone number/email address

My contact details won’t do you much good now, I’ll just ignore it for a while as I don’t do that job anymore and I’m not being replaced

Unlike almost every other NSN, DAS category items are not stocked (Well SFA DAS furniture is).
Bicester / LEIDOS only deal with direct operational support under DAS

Proper DAS, which is furniture & furnishings in barracks go through regional FPTs (formerly ASUs)
Non core DAS, which is anciallaries and some odd stuff which were put onto DAS contracts - mainly ET items, including kitchen & catering in the field etc go through a team in Regional Command

You will need to tag your MJDI demand as LNEDI, push it through the RPOC BOWO/FSWO as appropriate for endorsement and Reg Comd will order from the contract.
This info and the link to the instruction & contact details should be passed on from QM clerk to QM clerk, but experience tells me that this doesn’t happen and everyone defaults to believing what they have been told that they can just order by NSN on MJDI
Is it any good and more importantly does it cake the outside of your mess tin with a black, sticky coating?
Ta muchly!
The image makes it look bigger than it actually is. It's probably only really designed for the metal mug rather than a mess tin.
Ok, thanks again for that.
Sounds good, shame the fuel doesn’t all fit inside it but the smaller size and cleaner burn must be a positive. Just two questions:-
1. Are you sure it’s safe to use indoors? I thought most stuff like this produces carbon monoxide?
2. Can you still pretend the fuel tabs are mint cake to feed to poor children?
Does it have the same amount of channels as Hexi TV?


Sounds rubbish. Recruits will no longer have to scrub mess-tins to any satisfying degree. This negates the possibility of eating hot scoff at last light and then rubbing the mess-tin over grass (in the low light) to clean it, only to discover that you are rubbing it, very aggressively and with huge enthusiasm, into half of a large Alsatian's turd (breed presumed from hair deposits and size). The other half, via boots, got into the doss bag and from thence into infamy. Happy Days.

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