New Britains vision : no pre-marital sex, arranged marriage

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mora, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Why bitching about Enoch ("rivers of blood") Powell when you have Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari? Recently the British Rear-Admiral Chris Parry has controversially predicted the “reverse colonisation” of the West as “globalisation makes assimilation seem redundant”

  2. Over my dead body!

    Cuz thats exactly what they want isnt it?

    Lets have a taliban government eh? Cuz they're great. And at least women are respected by them :twisted:
  3. Does that mean he can have honour killings as well? well if they dont like our "faulty ways" they can always buy a 1 way ticket back to what 3rd world doss hole they came from. I thought that they were trying to get immigrants to intergrate into British society not the other way around!. And as for arranged marriages ask them why there is a increased number of genetic birth defects in the Asian commiunty due to arranged marriges between cousins ect.....banjos anyone?
  4. If I were to say,taking the robust australian view,that the esteemed Dr Bari(pbuh) should f#ck right off at the high port to wherever he was virtuously spawned. I'm sure we would discover that he was born in Wolverhampton or Chipping Sodbury :evil:
  5. No pre-marital sex? But that's my favorite kind of sex! :(
  6. I read that article this morning. Not good considering that the Muslim Council is looked at as the view of all Muslims (Though a lot of them don't like this). The previous guy was just as bad and he was given a title! They wonder why the general population is getting restless when prats like him open their mouths and spout this sort of crap....... :x
  7. I like the idea of arranged marriage my old man is as we speck approaching Mr. Church with the idea of me shacking up with his daughter Charlotte.
  8. i didnt think there was any sex after the wedding night anyhow 8O
  9. What a crock of sh!t. You want to raise your kids to wear "modest attire," not drink and not sh@g like alleycats? Go right ahead. Nobody's stopping you. As the article's author admits, these are not necessarily bad things in and of themselves.

    But when you're going to get on your high horse about how your religion provides all the answers to all your host country's evil, infidel ways and you're here to fix it? And to recommend that everyone else do like you? You're a sanctimonious pr!ck that can only be counted on to sow discontent, and you should consider taking up residence in a place where the lifestyle isn't so upsetting to you.

    To me this has very little to do with race, and everything to do with his lame indictment of "British values"...and whether someone who can't get behind those British values (which are just fine from where I sit) can be a productive part of the British dialogue.
  10. Yes they can wear a nice tablecloth then that will stop them getting raped.
  11. The man is a total prat, end of story!
  12. Nothing imposed on our culture would suprise me.
    For many years now we have been chastised and persecuted for upsetting the neighbours.
    British culture is slowly being eroded for the sake of peaceful co-existence with other beliefs and cultures.
    We got one foot on the slippery path to doom and no bugger with any balls seems capable of redressing the balance...............
    I could go on but PC McNasty of the Labour thought police would hoik my arrse off into a dark room.
  13. 8O What worries me is not that this cnut exists, or that he is allowed to voice his poisonous views. After all, that freedom of speech is what we're protecting.

    What actually worries me is that the cnut thats busy eroding our freedom of speech, the cnut that lives in 10 Downing Street, will do his fcuking level best to introduce some of this bøllocks as law. It'll probably be dressed up as "protecting the human rights of Muslims to not be offended by vile Anglo-Saxon habits" or somesuch bøllocks....

    I hate Bliar, and all that he does. He and all his minions really boil my pish :evil:
  14. Time to mention, again, the excellent position taken by the Australian government. It boils down to "if you don't like the way we do things here, you can poke off". Seems a good stance.
  15. Indeed that is the action which should be taken.

    However, how long will it be before our (British citizens of any faith or race, that actually want to fit in are included there) way of life is changed so that the Australian governments position cannot be adopted by the British government. The time to act would be soon or the very near future, any longer and I don't doubt there will be more legislation and protection of sh*ts that are trying to change our country.