New Brigade Recce jobs planned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gobbyidiot, Sep 6, 2009.

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  1. The article keeps using the word "new" in relation to a BRF. In theory, the deployable brigades already have such a thing albeit with a different name/specific role. What are the RAC FR Regts for FFS? And, are all those recce tps in armd regt/btns Scotch Mist too?

    52 Bde is not, supposedly, deployable and 11 Light Bde has been built specially for the deployment.
  2. [​IMG]

    The French magazine Raids has an article on 4/73 SP OP By in its last issue. It has a wiring diagram of the unit and the article says so far BRF were ad hoc affairs with no fixed training programs or establishment.
  3. Brigades deploying to Afghanistan including 12 Mechanised Brigade, 52 Infantry Brigade, 19 Light Brigade and now 11 Light Brigade have organised their own Brigade Recce Forces for their tours in addition to RAC FR elements deployed (usually two sqns at a time). At least in the case of the first two BRFs they were made up mainly from the recce platoon of an infantry battalion plus elements of 4/73 Special OP Battery RA, plus additional volunteers. 3 Commando Brigade of course already has a BRF while 16 Air Assault Brigade has its Pathfinders. There is an article on 52 Brigade's BRF in the Yorkshire Regt journal, edition 4, pp.54-55:
  4. Thank you. I'm aware of what is happening in reality. You have just confirmed that each force deploys with a brigade recce force (small letters) which it then carves up, reroles, adds to and subtracts from, before naming it a Brigade Recce Force (big letters).

    Now get to the tough question buried inside the non-story.

    Why do they have to do this?

    Could it be because the 'recce role' is incoherently spread across several corps all squabbling for a piece of the pie and, moreover, constituted and equipped for a specific role not altogether suited to current ops?
  5. I suppose the sensible thing would be for the formation recce regt in each brigade to take on such roles, brigade-level recce I mean, both armoured and light-role. But surely infantry bns and armoured regts would still need their own recce platoons/troops?

    When an FR regt actually deploys to Afghanistan it ends up being used to simply form another battle group and usually ends up with more infantry than recce assets.
  6. Indeed. :)

    Sadly, all part of the wegimental political influence.
  7. IIRC, there was a thread in the TA Forum about TA Infantry trying to set up Recce Platoons...wonder if that will happen now that BRF is the next "Big Idea." :roll:
  8. Shades of the old NIPG's, just goes to show there are no new ideas, just re-cycled ones.
  9. Nice one QRK. Worked with gents from that unit some years ago.
  10. The HAC is a dedicated Recce (STA) unit and has deployed as such in Iraq as well as suppling IR's to 4/73.
  11. Do keep up. The HAC supplied a squadron for Telic 4 and Telic 5 (??) I believe, as well as additional numbers for Herrick.
    BRF is not exactly breaking news to those that have been or are involved.
  12. There is only 1 FR Regt in the TA- QOY, while'Them' cant remember if its 21 or 23 also concerntrate on a recce role dont't they?