New branch of the Royal British Legion in West Yorkshire

Hi there folks in HD9 area

Holmfirth (Last of the Simmer Wine Land) appears to have no RBL branch, just a few in the local villages who seem to do little other than the Poppy Appeal each year. Myself and a few ex mil types need some 15 new members to form a new branch in the centre of Holmfirth (meeting point already organised) and will on establishment have a stated fund raising logo of ' Help Holmfirth Heroes'. Not exactly origonal I know but we believe that H4H has stolen a march on the RBL , leaving the needy local ex service vets without easy access to support.

Many locals support H4H well but they do not realise that money does not go to the old (and not so old) bold, just to national support for Afghanistan and Iraq vets. If attention is drawn to local issues and local people then we will provide a needy service. If you live near or in the area please PM me ASAP.

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