new boy


I've got my basic training for the rauxaf in a months time, any ideas what it involves, any input welcome, including abuse, im very old and very thick skinned.



Royal Amputees, umbrellas, xyplophones and flechers?

Bad enough wanting to be a crab, even worse wanting to be a part time crab, then to cap it all a bloody taff!

One bit of advice mate.... Get a big bottle of gin, a bucket of aspirins, and to make sure leap off your garage roof onto a javelien :D
Aye, Saturdays and Sundays say I'm to old to play soldiers and the blue uniform covers up the incontinence stains better than green, as for the suicide option it's quicker to wait for nature to take it's course at my age.

Blodwyn (it's just a nic, im as welsh as Prince Philip)

no garage either, have bus pass

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