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Discussion in 'RAC' started by grandadkernow, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Hi all, Have been reading the various stuff on this thread for a couple of months on and off when time permits.

    It has been most excellent fun and the photo's have bought back a flood of memories and most horrifically some embarasing ones of me, was I ever that young? Once I sort out my ageing and creaking electronic gadgets, namely the scanner which is shot to bits I hope to get some interesting photo's posted and generate some further chat.

    Thanks to Armoured Wurzel for his mention of badges on e-bay I now have two RTR Pin Badges.

    Well I have slowly worked out some personalities and still have a deal to go, but soprano should be able to work me out if he just remembers that my Levre are allways Chaud.

    Trelawney I assume is named after our famous squire but there is only one e in trelawny but I forgive ee for that me dear as I allus spelt it wrong til recent. I do so love the wavy st pirran cross flag where can I get it?

    Heres wishing you all a very merry christmas and prosperous new year and much further enjoyment of this site for the future.
  2. Just right click the picture and save as... to your computer
  3. Damn,this Butlers good!

    Just what I was looking for.............a dragon.........I thank you,Do you wash cars over the Internet? :?

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  4. deleted caught my kids looking at it :twisted:
  5. "Wet Tshirts" is always a winner :D
  6. Yes it is rather CATCHING isn´t it!(you typed it virual!) :D

    How´s your Rent a Butler getting along,or is that an indiscrete question ie, your customers wouldn´t want anybody to know that they can´t afford a permanent one,so you get no referrences :x :D ?

    I don´t think I´d like the idea of being a permanent butler serving the same family for donkeys years;Though an Aunt of mines been a house-keeper for almost 60 years to the same family and loves(she´s still there!) every minute of it! :?
  7. Thank you for asking it's going well. I am actually permanently employed to one family but I get most weekends and evenings off and that is when I provide the temporary Butler service. I am sure the people who employ me temporarily have no problem employing a full time butler if they really had need of one as after all I do charge significantly more than the minimum wage. A lot of the big houses in the area just need extra help on top of their current staff for important visitors, shooting lunches or to cover sick days. :D