New Boy,,,, Double Time

Well,,, finding this was a pleasant surprise

Been looking around and reading stuff and the good old Army sence of humer is still there then.

I was @ work to day, a Vodafone engineer came in,,, we got talking and he said, "Are U X Army" I replied Yes I am Y do U ask, we then got talking as it turned out we were in the same regiment and had trod in the same dirt at one point in our army careers, the Bantor and humer was wicked and we talked and had several cups of tea before he went on with his work.

Well, my name is Steve, I am X Army, 1975 to 1993 and served in the Royal Signals and most of it was as a Physical Training Instructor, I got in to Adventure Training in a big way, used this to my advantage, I also did 5 years as the CO,s driver while at 1ADSR Verden Germany.

I took phase 2 redundancy back in 93 instead of doing my full 22 years.

I look forward to participating in this forum and will be passing the site info on to friends still in and some that are out

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