"New" Border Force my ARRSE!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Werewolf, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. The new Border Force is nothing of the sort. They will have no new powers, no extra staff and the police will not be involved. All that will change is the name. The only thing new is the uniforms.

    Typical fcuking Labour; refuse to spend money on essentials like security or the Armed Forces. When it all goes tits up, spin your way out of trouble. :evil:

    I've more respect for Bin Ladin than Broon; at least Osama is SUPPOSED to be our enemy. :x
  2. Labour's response to all emergencys this country has is..................we have no money to help you because we give it to every other country who is in difficulty throughout the world,and we have two wars to get on with,so don't bother us, start up a collection yourselves.
  3. A new coat of paint on what already exists eh? Hell... I thought only our DHS could get away with that sort of nonsense.
  4. I can see that you are saying that, WW, but I don't see too many of HM Opposition screaming and waving their wet-wipes in the air. In fact, only one of the Telegraph columnists today (I think it was) noted that this so-called "Force" won't, in fact, have any representation from Special Branch.

    They're a spinner's dream.
  5. Sometimes I feel like the guy in Zoolander:

    "He's only got one look! Don't tell me you have'nt noticed!"

    The guys on ARRSE can see right through those b@stards - why can't the civilian population?
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    This so called "new force" is currently being trialled at Stanstead and Dover. HMRC are making a big thing of the Multifunctional Dog Unit at Dover (Cash, Drugs, Meat and meat Products). Very little is being said about everything else.

    You only have to look in the back of the last issue of Private Eye to see how effective the restructuring of the Investigation Service and NCIS into SOCA has been. This will be more of the same.
  7. the only good thing is that Labour allegedly bricks it from the Mail...and they p1ssed all over the Border Farce in today's edition.
  8. So basically it's all going to be exactly the same except for the large amounts of money needed to pay for the new uniforms and to change all the signs and stationary for no extra benefit? Sounds like a New Labour plan to me.
  9. To be fair, what sort of 'power' do you expect such a force to have?

    We dont really have a border of any sort in the conventional sense.

    I've just come back from London and have to admit im coming round to the idea of ID cards dare I say...
  10. Well, for a start, the power to shoot any cnut who tries to crash a car filled with gas cylinders(or any other kind of IED)into a airport. And don't try to tell me that's the police's job; there were no Armed Police at Glasgow Airport at the time of the attack. 8O
  11. That's more a paper-pushing immigration issue though isnt it?

    Border police are great for when there are actual physical borders, not just looking out wistfully over the Channel.
  12. Someone from the government clearly has shares in an Indian sweat shop, they seem to love spending money on new uniforms and flags. Did we not just see a magical restructuring of our beloved Army?

    Whats next, cut backs on fire service, volunteers only?

    As for ID cards Taz, I have spent some years in Germany and they carry a passport page with them much as we carry our MOD 90, where is the issue?
  13. The issue is: would it work? I can't think of a single terrorist attack, including 9/11 and 7/7, that would have been stopped by ID cards.

    Spain has ID cards. It did'nt stop the Madrid Bombing.
  14. I doubt it would prevent an incident in its self but if it were followed by stop and searches it would mean that patterns could emerge of the would be nasties.

    I didn't know the Spanish already have a system but the Germans have used their system to great effect, after they found a bomb on a train between Cologne and Dortmund in 2006 they caught the B@$$tards within 2 days using photo ID with stop and search tactics.
  15. Stop and search is fine if the politicians and chief constables had the balls to use the current powers already in force and signed up.
    Section 44 powers are currently in force in areas of the country which i am sure some of you have already been stopped under.
    The problem is those in charge have tied the hands of officers carrying out these searches stating that they want a certain amount carried out each day but refusing to give a "profile" of who to deal with,instead stating searches will be random---eg every 10th person.
    What a joke,we all know which part of the community is currently trying to blow us up,but political correctness,lack of political will,poor leadership and do gooders have taken over and states that we have to search grannies for god sake.
    After the 7/7 and 21/7 incidents a profile was issued,i spent 3 weeks in London working 16 hour shifts searching those who fitted the profile 100s each day.
    I had one complaint and that was just a prat trying it on,everyone else accepted the situation and got on with life,but after several weeks the profile dissapeared as do gooders questioned what was going on.
    I dont recall any do gooding when we were searching every Irishman we could find in the 80s and 90s.