New Boots!

Right Lads Girls, I know this has been done to death before so sorry for being bone but....

Am in the market for some new boots i currently have GSG9, the old LOWAS, as issh boots, Pro boots. But am after a new pair. So am after some help into what to get.

Reccomendations please chaps!

Thanks MM
Why not try a pair of these.

Danner, once you've worn a pair you'll never want anything else. Even if they are bloody difficult to get hold of.


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Said it before and I'll say it again - Altbergs.


Altbergs! Seconded!

I still have the same pair after three years, I hike in them, go on excerise with them, put them through hell. Havn't needed repairs yet and the reparations are very reliable aswell (A few people have shown me), and the comfort is second to none. Get a goodpair of think insoles and your set (you really need good insols for this boot as thesole has plated steel in it (supposed to stop penetration by nails or the like)-not the best for shock absorbtion-but great for protection. A good long lasting boot.

I had a pair of "Peacekeepers" - Good enough but they stank! At least I know it was actually my feet that stank but the boots seemed to be worse than others.
Fallschirmjager said:

I think he is with 49 Para

anyway I'm with sandmanfez on this one

But in Basic training I nearly sold a pair of North Vietnamese Jump Boots to a spotter in our squad.


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To jump onto this thread with my own question, are Lowa's accepted on career courses, such as jnco cadres? I have heard that most of the time you have to wear issued kit only, certainly had to on my CIC, so just want to make sure that my footwear (which at the moment is the issued assault boot) does not get heaved out a nearby window?


In the field ok around camp issue kit is normally the rule .Instructors may take the piss out of too much gucci but will late you use them.

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