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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RPGTabs, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. OK - you were all so good at the dumb uniform question, heres another novices question.

    I do a lot of hiking/hill walking so I am pretty used to breaking in new boot and getting sock combinations sorted out - but any tips for new army boots? I normally buy nice soft boots with loads of gortex and squidy bits, but the boots I have been issued are playing havoc with my feet!

    I went for a short stroll in the Brecon Beacons today to try and break them in a bit more and managed to produce 2 very nice blisters. Can some of you experienced wrinkleys give any helpful advice?
  2. Wear them, lots.

  3. Yep, wear them and grin it, I have heard all sorts, baby oil in them, pee in them etc etc, could never bring myself to do that......
  4. Theres stuff called neaps oil, not sure what it is , where you get it or even if I spelt it right but it does make your boots all nice and soft. Unfortuanaltly they also feel like the boots are permanantly wet, oh and the boots will be as shiney as coal.

    I prefer to do the following, completly soak your boots in water, submerge them and keep them there for a while so the water pentrates (please remember to remove insoles first, in fact sack those insole and get some decent sorbropane ones)

    Once they are well and truely soaked, stick a couple of pairs of soaks on, shove them on your feet and fasted up tightly and try and walk in them for the rest of the day, when I mean walk, I mean about the house, don't pish off up the brecons or anything. Do this routine a few tims and you will notice that the boots will soon break in, don't worry about the white marks in your boots, once dry and polished they will disappear
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Slightly easier than the last post, but pretty similar in sentiment - wear them (with plenty of socks...) through long, wet grass for a couple of hours - this will soak them, and fit them to your feet. Best way, and traditional!

    If not, then Neats Foot Oil will indeed do the trick, but will also stop you EVER getting a shine on them ever again. This may not go down well with certain large-badged Gentlemen.
  6. I find get a good pair of insoles and just wear them as much as possible, not just on the hills but if you can wear them for every day use for a bit aswell that should help.
  7. Superfeet insoles have been top of the pile here in 303-acres for some time now... :)
  8. I knew a chap who took a bath in his new boots, got dressed, put his boots back on then went for a run in them. I remember him squelching along like a stupid cnut. I have no idea if it worked for him but if you try it prepare to be laughed at.
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  9. Just buy a pair of Hanwags/Lowas and your problem will disappear as if by magic. Seriously! I got a pair of Hanwags straight from the box and did a CFT within a week and had no foot drama's. No hot spots etc etc. So in summary get a decent set of boots and never look back. Tis the future mate.
  10. H3

    H3 LE

    Try Saddle soap or dubin and work into the boot however gives a dull looking finish but it softens and also adds a water proof layer , then just add polish as the norm, job done or buy some Lowas / Hanwags for the field.
  11. Got to agree with Northern Warrior. LOWA combat GTX's are the way forward. Loads of ankle support for tabbing about in the rough.
  12. I have always tabbed in issue boots. But I'm a bit, er, special... :roll: :p
  13. msr

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    Read the thread. Think. This is the Padre asking the question...

  14. Lol,

    But at least his feet will be warm if the heater in his landrover packs in.