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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Gallarian, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Suppose you could read a thread about boots...
  2. Dont bother, Altbetg or other similar brand will be issued soon.
  3. I've got a pair of magnums that have lasted almost 7 years now with regular polishing. Can't help but agree with above though. Probably faster to find what you're after with an ARRSE search as opposed to starting a new thread....lazy git
  4. Magnums? Cracking boots...

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  5. Accusations of 'lazy git' from someone who has a pair of 7 year old Magnums! Clearly you don't walk any further than from your car to the NAAFI every day.
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  6. Magnums AKA REMF Slippers, possibly the worst boots to ever be issued.
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  7. I'll have you know they get good use at least once a day; i prop up my Magnum clad feet and spend the whole 60 minutes considering how god damn fabulous i look in them

    On a more serious note. Yes they get scuffed easily, in one place the upper is starting to pull away from the sole and the fabric ankle means if you walk through more than a heavy fog your feet get soaked...but i wear them whenever i walk the dogs and they're comfy. Not to mention whenever i'm in the workshop, can't count the number of times my toes haven't been broken by large heavy objects falling from heights cause of the toe caps.
  8. Cheers for your help guys (apologies to those who saw fit to direct me to existing threads, I did read the 'stickied' one, but after 10 pages of people arguing pointlessly without actually giving any information I decided to make a new post).
  9. Or instead of wasting money on black boots that you won't be able to wear soon, you could wait 'til you get issue your new shiny brown ones for free.
  10. Alas it seems all we've been able to conclude is that i have a dog-eared pair of old boots that everyone thinks are a pile of proverbial. Happy to help
  11. Don't worry, I've been told to get some new boots by my new RQMS at 42 as the Lowas (the same ones issued for use in Afghanistan but black) issued to me by the RQ at CLR and have been wearing the last 4 years, are walking boots not combats apparently , but as I know we're going brown some unknown time in the future I'm reluctant to fork out for a new pair to get another set issued probably the day after I do. =\
  12. Anybody know the time frame on the new Brown Boots?
  13. Shortly after we next get paid.