Boots cold weather? Issued for winter tours. :wink:

I got a pair last year on Herrick.

Never wore them as I prefer my Lowas. :D
Cosy and comfy, no problems with them thus far but are fairly new.
they're similar to lowas, but aren't as good, i found them inferior to the desert lowas and wore those with gaiters durring a winter tour on herrick
load of shite mate, after some use the eyelets tend to come loose and they are too heavy, better boots out there to be honest although freebie stuff is always better than buying it
Not dissimilar but not identical to CWW boots. Good for largely static work in cold and wet conditions, but waay inferior to Lowas for tabbing or warm weather. Usual issues regarding drying once wet too. They grip much better than Lowas in soft snow though, and are marginally warmer.


Issue cold weather boot. Worked great for me in the months of snow and sub zero, um no fcuking freezing conditions in and around Kabul. Why anyone would deliberately tab in these boots would puzzle me.
Cheers Guys,

I find that they are too high up the leg and create some discomfort around the lower leg area, was thinking about getting them tailored dow... but may just buy some Altbergs instead now.
I have been using my pair for years and think they're great. They are a bit high so I have always laced them to the eyelet below the top one which works fine for me. As for being crap for tabbing, did Nijmegen in them last year and didn't get any blisters, and have never had any blisters from them on CFTs etc.. My only gripe is they take ages to dry, but then I have found them so comfy that my wet feet weren't shredded by them.
For the past 6 months ive been wearing lowa mountin gtx, been looking for a new non gtx pair, what is the better boot the non gtx lowa, which i believe is the combat or the altberg equivalent be a better boot?
Those boots are great; cold weather issued for ops. I took mine to Brecon early this year in the snow and rain; they were fantastic, waterproof and comfortable (and I had never worn them before). Common complaints, as mentioned above, are that the eyelets can come out (not something I've suffered) and they feel a bit high on the leg with all that padding.

Surprisingly, they are also considerably lighter than the issue Cbt Asslt Boots.

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