New boots won't shine

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Garrison god, Feb 22, 2017.

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  1. I got a new pair of altberg defenders and I've also got leader Gris mod brown. No matter how much I polish them they won't shine or at least look smart. I need this squaring away before next Thursday as we have a st David's day parade with HM the Queen.
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  2. **** her, it's St David's Day not ******* hers the needy cow!
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  3. You won't get them to shine with leder gris, use polish.

  4. These are boots that should not be shined. They're field boots.
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  5. Don't encourage defeatism .
    Anything can be made to shine given enough time and effort , in the same way that anyone or anything can be taught drill .
    I even taught my mother's poodle drill .
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  6. I did bring up that they're field boots and not meant to be shined but I was told because it's such a "high profile parade" that I need them gleaming as I'm representing my battalion to meet the Queen personally.
  7. Bolleaux.

    If its that important an event, ask for boots that can be shined. The previous issue boot can be made a bit shiney.
  8. A good quality gloss paint.
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  9. Remember to use brown and not black though . . .
  10. I accidentally used the black off brush on them and introduced black polish onto them, and further brown polish has now started to bring a shine to them, may wish to experiment with different types of polish and see
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  11. As Dredd says. And make sure you apply at least two coats. OK, takes a bit longer, but pays off when it's time for inspection.
  12. The night before the parade make sure and use some T-Cut, followed by a couple of coats of turtle wax.
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  13. This worked well on DMS boots.
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  14. Take a look at this page and try to guess which of the products you want.

    Leder Gris
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  15. Frame a NIG with some bullshit faux pas. Dick said NIG to bull them for you.

    Must this be so difficult? :)
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