New boots designed for Tabbing

Jarrod - how about diverting some of that Self-Important energy into answering the question yourself?

To the OP - I was at the Altberg factory late last year and came away with the feeling that all of their military boots will be available in a brown / olive shade. Their boots are generally very well made and use excellent leather; I know quite a few people who use the Warrior Microlite and have few complaints.

If you're near the factory, its worth actually visiting because your feet will be *precisely* measured, girth as well as length / width.
If it ain't broke...

Has anyone bought the new boots by Altberg which have specifically been designed for tabbing? What are they like? Do the come in brown? Are they good for general wear and tear or just for the tabs?
Soles on Altberg wear out quickly and are shit in the mud. I've had a few pairs.


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Depends whether he's tabbing on tarmac or off-road. Alt-berg Seekers are pretty good if you're not doing anything heavy duty over rough ground.

Bates do an excellent selection of lighter boots that have been field tested and not found wanting.

For serious, serious all-round boots (if a little heavy) Meindl Dovre Extreme, but it depends on the tabbing environment.

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I have nothing whatsoever to add and you haven't answered his question either.
I could have replied about different boots but that wasn't the question.
Just completed the South Downs Ultra this weekend and wore AKU Pilgrims. Body's in shit state and just got myself biffed off for a few days but my feet are absolutely fine and I highly recommend them. About £160 and money well spent. They also do half sizes so can be pretty well tailored to most feet.

There was a high drop-out rate and I was the only chappy wearing boots, many of the ultra-runners wore minimal trainers which didn't give much ankle protection on very undulating terrain, saying that the AKU is pretty low cut however I believe they are developing a version with higher ankle support. Bad points, I suffered on metalled roads a bit as the Vibram sole is better suited for off-road and it hurt a bit on some of the very long stretches. After being fully immersed they dried incredibly quickly, in less than an hour. Excellent boot.

I know it doesnt answer the OP's origional question however always good to consider other alternatives.


Looks like a chunkier version of the Sneaker Boot to me. I've always preferred Altbergs over other types of boot such at Lowa, my sneaker boots were awesome, I got them late 2007 and only binned them two months ago due to Altberg no longer resoling boots. I have now gone back to issued boots for everything and have yet to have any problems.

If these "tabbing" boots are half as good as the sneaker boots then they should be a sound investment and well worth the money.
I used to have some warriors which were great. Thing is I went to Pirbright for a course and like a crow forgot to pack them at the end..... Alternative boots are appreciated.

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