New Book, "The Dead of Mametz"

I have just been invited to another Book Launch, "The Dead of Mametz" by local Welsh historian, Dr Jonathan Hicks.This is a crime novel set against the background of the attack on Mametz wood during the Battle of the Somme in WW1, and if I can blag a copy and Auld Yin doesn't mind will review it on here in the near future, so stand by.

Christopher Williams painting of the attack



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No problems - looks like a passable read, so please go ahead. If you can't get one at the launch then let me know and I will ask the publisher for a review copy.
Should be an interesting read
Been in contact with author and it seems he is going to try and make a series of books with recurring characters A La Sharpe/Hervey ect, only problem is the hero is a f@cking monkey and an officer to boot

I bet 5 Alpha will love it

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