New book tells it like it is......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hansvonhealing, Jan 1, 2006.

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  1. Make sure you all read page 2 (easily missed)
  2. Wow, be sure not to miss the rest of the epic rant in The Sunday Times.

    Frankly sounds a wee bit like a small pile of SHITE written by a man who didnt quite make it in the RN.
  3. Nothing there that could not have been dictated by anyone who reads here - well, maybe not from the NAAFI bar. The review seems to be long on story but short on solution. That is what is needed - never mind the yah boo of who messed up but crack on and get the system sorted.
  4. i see his point about officers... there ARE too many of them in the british armed forces. wanna save money? axe officer jobs - they do **** all anyway.
  5. I read that this morning. I'll definately be buying the book. Having been witness to the antics of some Officers who put their pensions before the good of the Service, I believe that the book, if the article is anything to go by, will bear credibility.

    There will be many who will shout him down in forums like this, Frankie for example, but like Frankie, most of them will have nothing to offer by which to counter what the gentleman says.

    As a side line, read ATTICUS at the foot of page 15. ARRSE gets a mention. Well done that poster.
  6. That Atticus mention in full:

    (c) The Times
  7. I saw this book in Waterstones yesterday and thought it one enormously long rant (with a bit of a personal agenda being aired), but with no real answers. We need someone to fix what is wrong.
  8. This Navy chap makes a good point regarding those serried ranks of officers who are simply marking time and defending their fiefdoms until they get their pensions and - just as important - Jemima and Montmorency have finished at boarding school.

    I am at that crucial juncture now (which happens to all Regulars regardless of rank I guess) of deciding whether to stay in until I'm 55 and rake in the loot/put the horrors through school etc etc, or jump in about 10 years time and pursue Career Number 2 (Porn Film Director).

    Being part of a DINKY pair, I don't have to worry about snot goblins (yet), but I am very aware that my last job commanding soldiers (the reason I did the 'officer thing' in the first place) will end in about 6 years time. Satan will go to work on a snowboard before I get a Brigade to command, so the question at that time will be 'what on earth do I do with myself for 15-odd years' until my commission runs out?

    In many cases, it seems the answer is 'make work for yourself and others' and 'forget what our core business is'.

    Rant over - I'm meeting my lawyer for lunch.

    Edited for spelling and making more sense.
  9. Just read Todays Sunday Times, no link but here`s a transcript of the article:

    Disgruntled troops fill Tony`s Basra morale raiser full of lead.

    Tony Blairs morale boosting Pre- Christmas visit to troops in Iraq has clearly not achieved much in the way of actual boosted morale.

    Soldiers have been making their views known on the Army Rumour Service, waggishly addressed ""Oh deep joy," said one contributor, on hearing that Blair had arrive in Basra. "If being in Iraq over Christmas wasn`t bad enough, now that egotistical t**t turns up."

    Another hoped that the prime minister wouldn`t be heading his way "Not only will there be extra guards," he complained, "but days of tidying and sand polishing and general practicing of standing in groups in the correct but informal manner"

    also a very good full page article on on dodgy equipment, senior officers feathering their nests and strange defence procurement protocols

    Do you think that this will wake up the great British public to the shoddy way in which people at the coalface in HM Forces are treated? :roll:
  10. Hearing the complaints about "too many officers" is there a case for a reintroduction of some sort of "half pay" type system whereby the surplus can be released to do something else but paid a retainer that allows them to be recalled at short notice?
  11. No.

    But I suspect you knew that anyway, didn't you? ;)
  12. Sunday Times? u foocking iron hoof. i hope u did the crossword to redeem sdome manliness.

    good article tho, i'm off to buy it now. we got a page ref for it?
  13. p2, p15, and p17