New Book on the way - These are my Credentials

Good Day

Before you go too far here I would like to point out that I am new here so not totally sure of the form..

I am working with a chap who is writing a series of short stories. His name is Jeff Little and some years ago he was better know as Brigadier Jeff Little OBE and various other things.

Jeff Little.jpg

THESE ARE MY CREDENTIALS I would describe as "Military tales of the unexpected"

It is out on the Kindle at this stage from Amazon and at some stage soon there is going to be a free download period. Will keep you informed. If you want to take a look at where we have got to you can visit the blog on Biznetworkguy. There is a Facebook page too.

Would be thrilled if you took the time to take a look and will be happy to chat with anyone who has an interest. Don't forget there will be a free download period in a couple of weeks, but if you cant wait it is less than a half of bitter for a copy

Thanks a lot


Managing Trustees (Co-opted)
Chairman of The Royal Logistic Corps Benevolent Committee:
Major General Martin Spencer White CB CBE
Chairman of The Royal Logistic Corps Museum Trust:
Brigadier Jeffery John Little OBE
Immediate Past Representative Colonel Commandant:
Major General Graham Anderson Ewer CB CBE
Trustees Investment Representative and
Chairman of the RAOC Association:
Major General David Leslie Burden CB CVO CBE
RLC Brigadier in Command:
Brigadier Christopher Blong
Chairman of the RPC Association:
Brigadier Charles Brockbank Telfer CBE (to Apr 08)
Colonel Alexander Frederick Barnes TD (from Apr 08)
Chairman of the ACC Association:
Colonel Philippe Roland Rossiter
Mr Michael Fairmaner Heygate Adler TD

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