New Book: For Queen or Country

So, 'Mike Miller, Son of Pendragon' hasn't grabbed any of you yet? Never mind, it will. But this post is a favour for a friend who has written a book of which the subject matter is closer to home for you guys. It's a sort of lifestory, not quite an autobiography, but it deals with his time in the army from 1977. He is an exceptionally good writer, the story is easy to read, interesting, and funny in parts. You will recognise yourselves in this, you really will. Anyway, go to and search for 'For Queen or country'. There's a free preview, the full download is $2.00, the full book is around $8.00 plus p&p.
Now, back to me. I forgot to tell you that my book can also be downloaded for just $2.00. You'll find it on Go on, give 'em both a whirl!

Josh Rogan

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