New Book : Ex 21 SAS who served with Rhodesian SAS & Sealous Scouts

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Nato Standard123, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Where and when is the talk?

    A mate who is ex-Selous chopper pilot is due back in UK soon, he might be interested in attending.

  2. Either the IWM or Nat Army museum - will pm you with contact details/dates/timings/etc

  3. can you let me know too please? thanks
  4. Selous chopper pilot? What does that mean? All Rhodesian chopper pilots were in the Rhodesian Air Force, which was too small to give dedicated support to any one unit .The helicopter squadrons, which for most of the war numbered only one (No 7, with Alouettes, though large than an average sqn; in 1978/79 No 8 was formed with Hueys), had to provide support for all army and police units.
  5. Mike Borlace is the Selous chopper pilot 4(T) is refering to. Air Force and Selous Scouts. Served in both.
  6. Just ordered it looks to be a good read.
  7. A quick 'heads up' - don't get him started on parachuting. Met this author at a recent IWM book launch.
  8. Oh yes I have heard of him.
  9. If aging memory serves me correctly he went into business with Bob MacKenzie for a while, fortunately for him he didn't go the same way.
  10. Not the Jim Hooper 'Koevoet' one?..He was there then, along with Peter Macleese and Martin Windrow.

    I'll thought that Jim was the free fall junkie?....over 3,500 jumps
  11. Cranking my memory into action with the dubious assistance of another glass of red wine Mike Borlace wasn't actually in business with Bob MacKenzie. GSG, Mike Borlace's company had a contract with the Sierra Leone Government who were employing Bob MacKenzie. Either way Mike Borlace is a real charicter, a lecture by him would be well worth listening to.
  12. Yup that's the one. Jim just about got it out of his system in 1984 when he sold 'Z' Hills jump centre in Florida. Having said that, Jim's next book venture is on 'current' operational parachute entry operations and is due to train with some baby SEALS on their F/F phase to get him back into the groove.

    As for Paul's question to Jim - " Do you miss parachuting? Don't you feel that there's a big hole in your life? "

    Paul, P...L...U...EE...S..E.......... !!!
  13. And once captured a steam train with his helicopter and forced it to trundle over the border. Good Stuff!

  14. I was there, sitting at the back looking shifty.

    I'll wear my ARRSE Tie next time, so you can recognise me and get me in a headlock!

    I liked the 'currently serving WO11 from Para Reg' comments to the Koevoet Op re tracking the terrs, who quickly reminded him that they were a Police tracking Unit and 'upheld the law' - in the best possible taste of course.

    I've mentioned Jim's next book to our Mate Andrew McNabbes, to see if if he wanted to contribute, he is currently playing in the sand, so we'll see.