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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by HighPressureHose, Jun 24, 2006.

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  1. I have a couple of questions regarding body armour?

    1. Some of the Paras in Afghanistan have been pictured in the media wearing an american style molle armour system. Is this isssue or a local purchase item?

    2. Is there and MOD policy on the use of privately bought body armour?

    I may have missed a previous post about this, if so my apologies.
  2. Its new improved armour either called osprey or kestrel .One the molle type armour and the other the armour for top cover.
    No idea about private purchase body armour .Anything better than issuse will be very exspensive .I would guess you would be laughed
    at continuesly unless it actually saves your life .
  3. And if you happen to fall foul and end up the pearly gates, will the army pay out as it where and would your insurance, as you where not wearing issued kit. Even though it was better than the issued thing?

    Any takers?
  4. The US Army has recently banned privately-purchased armour for this very reason.
  5. Just as anside. There was an incident in Basra where a WR was hit by an surface laid IED laid with maybe 20 minutes notice. The driver, gunner and commander were hit by frag and injured. The gunner, wearing the good old Mk6 was killed, the driver, wearing the current German army issue helmet under a Desert Cam cover survived. The WIS report piously noted that they were unable to determine if the German helemt offered better protection. Admintedly it's difficult to judge if the two lads respective positions had anything to do with it. BUT it did make me wonder.....
  6. Other kit might offer better protection, however, your NOK will get the sqaure root of nothing in payout if you become a casualty when wearing non-issue kit.
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator


    The yanks, as a threat to keep their soldiers in line started banging on about only issue armour and NOK pay outs, the idea being that its an army of one and all that. You NOK pay out is not based on whether the army CBA is on, off or up your jacksee. Its to do with whether you are dead or not.

    People on this site should only post if they know something, not because their rumour control gene is running on overdrive.

    besides, any CBA on the market for more than 50 quid is probably better than the 'old' issue CBA and I'd rather survive than worry about payments of 10K or whatever it is up to now for folks back home. Once again YOUR ISSUE CBA IS NOT PART OF THE CONDITIONS OF INSURANCE - its not tricky to locate on your policy. BTW (I think that recklessly endangering yourself might be, but they still paid H Jones I bet).

    Lastly, I chgecked this when I bought my personal CBA because I wanted something that stopped 7.62 short. And its for sale if you are interested.

    It been discussed before the new body armour is similar to the yanks and offers greater protection so I have heard. The ruling on your own body armour is that your not suppose to wear its like the fact your only wear issue boots on assault courses. If your get your own body armour thats your own decision hell if it saves your life whose complaining.
  9. Anyone got any pictures of the new stuff?
  10. Hi Y'all
    Just back from telic after having worked with yank soldiers
    i can reassure you the new osprey stuff is by far the better armour
    the new plates are bigger, thicker, lighter and offer better protection.
    according to the sops it can stop 5x 7.62 long before it fails.
    and they even tried it against 50 cal, and it stopped it!
    i don't fancy having the behind plate trauma after that though...
    as for people using there own stuff i'd say its a bad idea, you can't
    guarentee the effectivness, and medics these days are trained how to
    remove all coalition types of armour not civvi stuff.
  11. All our boys are now issued with mk6A helmet (I believe it is black in colour to distinguish it from old mark 6).
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    "and they even tried it against 50 cal, and it stopped it!"

  13. Hmm indeed mr happy
    at what range perchance? 3 miles?
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Self loaded with light powder load?