New Body Armour

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Greg_153, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Can any one help me out is the such a thing as new body armor. I saw one very small picture looks like Yank armour can any one shed any light on this and if pos link to some pictures. Sorry if this is a re-post :?
  2. Enhanced Combat Body Armour???
  3. I saw the body armour you are talking about the other day, and got some hand on time with it.

    It is damned heavy when you pick it up, as the plates have increased in size to cover the whole of the front and back. The plates can take at least 3x 7.62 at close range and not allow for penetration - I saw the plate which had this done. Quite impressive! Once you have the armour on, it doesn't feel so bad. IT also has a neck protector and shoulder pads to protect against fragmentation. It is similar to the yank armour in that it has loops all over where you can attach pouches. I believe that the armour is issued with 2x mag pouches and a utility pouch, although it is compatible with PLCE.

    The armour is an in-theatre issue, and it is being rolled out across Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment. Should be complete by the Autumn.
  4. Ahhhhhh, NOT ECBA then?......

    Am I right in thinking that the young lad featured on the Panorama programme Sum PM who was killed by an IED was wearing it? (Thats not meant as an indictment of its capabilities, just as an aid to ID'ing it)

  5. Thats great guys so what does it protect you from 3x 7.62 what about frag????
  6. My question has been answered on the 'Panorama' thread - Pte Ellis was indeed wearing the new stuff..................
  7. So little or non then.
  8. There are two types of body armour available. The top cover armour has integral neck and arm protection, the new ECBA which is for all other troops has removable neck and arm protection. Whichever armour that guy was wearing, the sad fact is that nothing is going to fully protect from a well aimed IED blast.
  9. Yeah did think that to be honest dont think a lot would of protected him. So there is two differnt types then do they both have the yank style collar if I can call it that???
  10. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    There are 4 types correctly in use they have fancy names but I will edit this tomorrow when I can check them:

    CBA Combat Body armour (No plates)
    ECBA Enhances Combat Body Armour (With plates).
    ICBA Improved Combat Body Armour (with Elvis collar) (KESTRAL)
    o Designed for top cover and Large B vehicle drivers there are many threads reference this topic.
    OSPREY this is the new Infantry body armour it’s more like ECBA with a much larger plate both front and back.

    I hope this answers your question
  11. Is the ECBA similar or is it the new interceptor body armour that the yanks are now being issued?
  12. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    No idea I only deal with what’s available. I leave the development to the boffs
  13. [​IMG]

    It sounds similar to this new Yank stuff.
  14. Cheers gents that cleared it up.
  15. Quite a bit off topic, but does any one know the reasoning behind the new yank uniform's beig grey? Is it a new uraban cam? I heard rumours that they had a new design that was suitable for all terrains, its not that is it?

    T C