New body armour improvements for women in UK Armed Forces

You need a dude called Roger Bounder-Devlin to counter Elizabeth Faithful-Davies


'In addition to the new range of clothing, female Army recruits who are beginning their training also benefit from a professional fit and issue service of sports bras.'

I know this is not the NAAFI but I wonder where you volunteer to help with this...


I only ever wore body armour once in my entire career. Just the plate carrier, no plate. Which was a bit disconcerting as I was on a firing range with people shooting a tactical-ish course of fire pretty close to me. It was blackly pointed out that all the plate carrier would do was keep me in a nice neat package for burial later.

Giving the possessors of jumpers who are slightly more lumpy than usual some body armour, mit plates, that actually fit them is a Good Thing and a brilliant idea. One then wonders how the Army came up with it.

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