New board for the RAF?

Should the RAF have their own board under arms and service?

  • Yes, the chip on their shoulder really bugs me.

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  • No, this an Army site and we don't want it infected.

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  • No, they are the main users of the site, as they want to be closer to the edge.

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What does ARRSE stand for? I don't mind them joining to add the odd comment and get some abuse, I mean we've even got some SPAMs on the list of members. But if they want to have their own boards then they should start their own. Maybe they could call it RAFRS or somthing equaly pleasing to the ear?? :)

You'll be asking for a Navy section next and wanting to rename the whole sherbang the 'MOD Rumor Service' 8O
Plant Pilot - that took you 6 minutes to come up with. Well done! :wink:

And no, I don't want a Navy section, just the right to chuck in my tuppenceworth every now and then. :lol:
Any Crab or Blue-Job that comes in here deserves some (grudging) respect for the panning they take on behalf of their inferior services. Of course it is right and proper that this should happen, but with my mod hat on I think it would be devisive to have a sperate RAF or RN forum as it wouldn't encourage tri-service input to the occasional serious thread that is alleged to sometimes emerge on this fine board of ours.
CRab Air Board...?

They can always use the Aviation Board?

The matelots can use the REME forum, after all, Hawley Lake is full of water (Well, whatever that oily brown stuff is)
Awwwww - poor Wee Chap. Was the banter getting too harsh so wanted the big boys to stop?

I use this site to see what the Army is doing & thinking. We do different jobs, but we can learn from each other - we are getting more deployable, you are getting more technical kit. We have both been doing these respective things better than each other for 50 years, so there is a lot we can glean from each other. You are often my customer, so I want to know what else is screwing with you, before I have to stand in front of you / have my guys face up to you.
If you banter me, I'll banter back. If the RAF justifies a defense, I'll do it.
Or is that not fair?
Sorry Wee Chap. Need a hug? :cry:

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