New Board - CO!!!


I think it would be a really good idea to add a 'Jokes Board'.  That way we can all share our funny Military stories and this gives us a chance to have yet another exciting, and I bet frequently used board!!!!

I believe it's really worth thinking about Colonel, What do you think??
Just add a jokes thread on the tall stories board. I believe that the technologymay actually govern the number of boards that there are. Mind you I suppose that we could bin the Cav site now that we have today's Cav. Hurrah for Apache.
;Listen MATEY!!

I like to think everyone's my mate - but if you like to be different than all the others, and it really get's you going........I will join the CO and fulfil your dreams!! ;D ;D :p

Sorry, SIR!!!!
Hey buddy...

Don't get toooooooo pushy! Or I might just change my whole view upon you!!

I'll call you RSM if you call me FIELD MARSHALL!!

Deal or what???? ;D

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