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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by paintrain, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. hi, i've passed Rcb last year but was given a medical fail due to me being 'clinically obese' even though i passed all the fitness etc. with flying colours. They want me to get my weight down to 79kg which if i did without sacrificing muscle i'd have 0% body fat. I read in the times in January this year the thershold for BIM was being raised to 32 to allow people like rugby players to pass despite not confroming to the BMI scale. I was wondering has anyone else encountered any difficulty with this? I am a hooker so being big and strong are essential and to lose all that weight would turn me into a scrumhalf, plus my clients wouldn't like it! Any advice greatly appreciated.
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  5. Mate, the body mass index is bo.llocks if you have a rugby player physique.

    I'm a member of our Emergency Response Team and as such I'm expected to don breathing apparatus and rescue people from confined spaces before the emergency services arrive. I then may be called upon to pathfind for them, bringing them to the scene of an incident. As such, I have to have a yearly medical.

    I'm 6'2", weigh 18 and a half stone and I pass all sections of the test with ease....... apart from the BMI section which rates me as clinically obese.

    The Doc has to write a qualifying statement each year to the effect that in his professional opinion I am fit for role.

    My ideal weight according to the BMI is 15 stone......... I weighed this much when I was 14 years old and a Second Row Rugby forward.

    It's utter shi.te.
  6. This is the same problem I have. My BMI is 32, i can do my run/press ups/sit ups etc and as it goes also play Rugby as Hooker or number 3! Do you reckon if I get my doc to write in his little letter that whilst although 'obese' i am healthy enough to do the trg this will be ok? I've been working my arse off with my personal trainer and don't really want to have to wait another 6months for the next intake!
  7. Very common problem this. It doesnt take build into consideration.

    That said, if you wont fit in a 432 I'd be worried.
  8. No dramas. I had the same problem with the RCB medical.
    Get a letter from your sponsor to say that you are well built.
    Seems a bit foolish that a non medically qualified retired colonel can and regularly needs to add letters to a medical report to justify someone being well built.
  9. well went to glencourse today and got measured for body fat and passed so it shouldn't matter now just waiting for rcb to send the ok to worthy down!!