New Blueprint to protect UK from Cyber Threats

A new National Cyber Strategy has been announced, setting out how we will protect and promote UK interests in rapidly evolving online world

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Sorry, i just read a load of bloat in the article.
There was some buzz words "export", "revenue", "global cyber power". Then some tick-box stuff "...45% led by women and 52% run by founders from black and minority ethnic groups.". And some PR highlighters "Bolstering, Highlighting, Increasing, Expanding, Implementing, Investing".
And lastly a Hub will be setup for some selling thing or something.
"rapidly evolving online world"

Article seems to be dated 15/12/2021. Where the heck have they been for the past 20 years or so? And yes, the diversity virtue signalling is rather boring now.
In fairness, I’ve heard the current makeup of UK’s NCSC described as the model similar agencies should adopt (by someone from a similar US agency)

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