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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by the_butler, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Ok there has been an increase in ARRSE members on RnR island and I thought it was time you spoke up and introduced yourselves.
    What you like about SL.
    What you hate.
    Suggestions about stuff we could do. that sort of thing. :D
    Over to you.
  2. 'kin 'ell... I'm new on the Island. In fact, I'm new to SL, largely due to the fact that I only recently got a new 'puter compatible with the SL parameters. SL name: Gunner Bashly (I've seen worse... good luck on finding a name you want).

    I've met several members there including the_butler, and it doesn't seem as if the place is going to close down any time soon, but what do I know? Seems like a lot of people are just passing through and stopping for the freebies... getting some events scheduled in the NAAFI might draw some of the SL night life. Did someone say topless dancers??

    Maybe I haven't been around long enough to have a say here (on the board OR on the Island), but from what I've seen the go kart track takes up a lot of space and is never used. How about trashing it and creating a labyrinth of caves as an extension to the FIBUA area?

    Boney has been doing some work with Hesco bastions, for those who haven't been there in a while (click on thumbnails):


    If you're bored you can always get yourself shot out of the canon (might want to put on a 'chute first).

    What do I HATE about SL? Maybe just that it's addicting, but I'm new, and I expect that the novelty of it all will wear off..

    The thing about it is that it's like seldom-used Internet message boards; nobody wants to go to an unused board, but when a board is active, everyone wants to be a part of it. The same thing goes with SL locations, ARRSE Island notwithstanding. Generally speaking, the more activity there is, the more people it will draw. Increased traffic is the key to keeping it alive. Donations can't hurt, either... this thing isn't free

  3. Kinell, I only bought that canon last night after spotting it on route during my Sport Relief London mile (virtual) [​IMG]

    Bloomin good fun though.
  4. I think I broke it... :oops:

    The place is heaving with women who are just choking for it. Some might even actually be women, which is a bonus.

    It does wonders for your typing and language skills.

    I get to hear new and good music again, which I don't often where I live in real life.

    There's depraved sex wherever you look.

    And they also do sailing regattas.


    I could use some sleep.

    For the island:

    Too much clutter about that never gets used - go kart track, that house made of glass, the range etc.

    Sort out the greeting area, make it look at least slightly military.

    Zombies in the FIBUA? What?

    Give away military freebies of all kinds. People come for freebies.

    I think my pole dancing skills have been satisfactorily demonstrated as a traffic driver, and are being woefully underused.
  6. The range gets quite a bit of use, and its intention was only ever asthetic. The racing track is either going to go, or its going to go in a loop around the island, havent decided which but until i have the time to do something with it, it doing no harm where it is. The track is extremely low prim and fills a big gap.

    Ideas are whats needed, come up with some and we'll see what we can do.
  7. Before we can come up with ideas we need to know what's RNR Island supposed to be, or what do you want it to be? A serious representation of the British Army in SL? A rather less serious representation of ARRSE in SL? Or a not very serious at all representation of whatever anyone fancies doing there? Is it important that it covers it's costs? Covers say half it's costs? Or doesn't cost matter?
  8. Why dont you set up a squaddie sex area which only allows fat birds who are willing to have thier hoops stretched and be passed round the section.
  9. A sound idea - we could call it "Scabs" or something similar. Unfortunately on SL everyone has avatars that are a little far from the truth (i'm an 8 foot tall skeleton). Women on SL have the opportunity to have the body shape they dream of, and wont willingly up their BMI to take part in a virtual Troop Smoker gang bang. Having said that, if its a neiche market and there's a buck to be made we could look into it.

    If you really need action from women of fuel bowser proportions, i can recommend several pubs in Blandford, Richmond and Colchester that have suitable punters.
  10. Erm... whats SL?

    And wheres RNR island?

    Someone please explain. I'm new - sounds like Pokemon.
  11. GAAAHHHHHHH !!!! I,ve been a tad busy at late what with getting a divorce, selling a house , buying a house , behaving like a tom cat with 3 balls etc. I went out to buy a new lappy which according to the spec is more than powerfull enough to run SL but the fecking thing crashes everytime as i,m about to rezz in world.

    Its a toshiba with one of those duo processors , running with vista , I,m no techie & know the square root of SFA about computers , its starting to get a bit tedious now..... any ideas on what i,m doing wrong ?? I have,nt been on for ages & need to get a fix !!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers very much

  12. LT - Have a look on the SL site at the graphics specs requirements and then compare them to the card thats installed in your lappy. Most problems with lappy's are due to graphics compatibility issues.

    If no joy, get back to me.
  13. Upload the latest version of SL and see if that helps some of the graphics settings can be turned down a bit that speeds things up a bit my old pc runs it ok so you must just be a luddite :D