New blood

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by mt_park, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. hi all

    been lurking a while, just wanted to say hello!

    bit about me:

    6' tall, light brown hair, blue eyes, well-built rugby player.

    that's it for now... awaiting the flames...
  2. Obviously not a bird then?

  3. Only at weekends... ;-)
  4. Brilliant!!

    Me to, I call myself Barbara. Lol
  5. Ah yes. Thanks for last night ;-)
  6. Thats ok.

    Thanks for the cheque, that will come in handy.
  7. Boing boing boing... ;-)
  8. Ha ha, I took your wallet, just incase of that happening!!
  9. Get a room boys! :wink:
  10. Ha ha!!!!

  11. would be worried if you were a bird, being 6ft tall and built like a rugby player!! :)
  12. Now be nice taboo, gay boys need love as well you know...
  13. Taboo and Scots
    Girls behave yourselves look at the state of you two since you left the nunnery, Please remove your avators, put a top on and get that tarty lipstick off or your both grounded. Leave the poor rugby player alone aswell naughty girls or Il put you over my knee and spank your bottoms :oops:
  14. I'm not gay, i'm just big boned... :D
  15. Iron, you can't keep Taboo and SL to yourself - let them scrum down with the rugby player if they want to :D