New Blair definitions

blair (verb):

1. To promote a superficially upbeat, optimistic image as part of a deliberate and ongoing campaign, regardless of one's personal situation or the prevailing political climate; also to maintain and proffer, at every opportunity, toothsome grins to news cameras as a cornerstone of such a blairing policy (See also: to branson)

2. To build and promote justification for huge military interventions with scant regard for evidence, prior consultation, legality, the lives of government scientists, or the lives of those involved on either side; to maintain that such a blairing policy was correct at the time, is still justified, and thereby fly in the face of world opinion.

3. To accept large sums of money in exchange for honours bestowed; and to insist that the behaviour was acceptable and above board. (as in: But officer, he promised to blair me and now he’s backing down the dirty f*cking scheming lying two-faced bastard).

4. To maintain an unreachable stronghold, above and beyond the reach of the law; to protect and defend such a stronghold despite calls for justice or accountability; also, to continue to blair (see 2 above) from the straitened confines of one’s prison cell.

blair (noun):

1. Any of several large-eared, toothsome effigies of an infamous present day politician - used to string up, stick pins in, set fire to, jump up and down on, when the person represented is seen to engage in blairing activities at or above normal levels.

2. Cnut (as in: Mora is a despicable blair)

Can anyone suggest any more?
blair v.

1. To develop a pathological hatred of a neighbour.

2. To repeatedly bet on a losing horse (see also blunkett)

3. To insist that others have a duty to clear up ones own messes e.g. "Nato countries must commit more troops to Iraq", he blaired

Very Call My Bluff...
Blair, v.

1. To c0ck things up on a previously unheard of scale e.g. I blair, He/She/It blair's, they blaired.

2. To irritate everyone by moving hands, karate-chop fashion, in time with your speech while being interviewed. Instead of reinforcing your point it makes squaddies feel like they are getting questioned, paused and nominated by a t0sser.
Perhaps it's an irregular verb?

I make difficult decisions
You defy international opinion
He gets tried for War Crimes

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