New bitch...

Good evening and hello again, been a while but fuck it, i'm back.
Anyhoo, just got acquainted with a very fine filly, pictures i hold and wont divulge, but a family friend had me biting my lips and shitting a brick.
Please excuse the lack of capitals but this by fekking mobile.
B - Bint
BD - Bints Dad
Me - well me really
Tp - Toss Pot

BD - 'rambo' (or paul) over there is a natural born killer, only joined SAS, done things you wouldn't think of.
Me - Really, i may talk to him later if he wears black nasty..
BD - ??
Me - Dont fret..

later on...

Me - I hear your ex squad fella
TP - Yes, i am
me - what were you in?
TP - cant tell you
me - you what?
TP - i cant tell you because of security
me - so your telling me what... ex para or slop jockey?
TP - im ex s...a...s. (with a mock steel glare)
shits meself... nearly.
me - oh right, what was you parent unit?

get this...

TP- my what?

problem is hes suckered a very gullable 17 year old into his fantasy world along with a consti club who do a lot of charity work for H4H.

I could look on interweb but when were royal leicesters' disbanded? After explanation from i, that was his parent unit.


Many regards to all old and new
I think you should go along with his fantasy and worm your way into his trust and tales of daring do. If for no other reason than shits and giggles.
A 17 year old you say.........?
Well the only use I have for a seventeen year old boy is cleaning me shoes and working in the garden.
You nearly embarrassed your self their. Red Leicester is still going though it is a very disappointing cheese.
There is a German (huge) METRO supermarket near here, sells just about everything including a selection of cheeses which is unusual as the Viets don't like Cheese very much.

Anyway a month ago I bought a slab of New Zealand Cheddar in there, about a foot square and two inches thick and very tasty it is too. It goes very nicely with a baguette, some onion and a bit of Branston Pickle, a jar of which I found lurking in an ex pat supermarket in Udon Thani last year.
^. I can see major issues with Vietnamese society if they don't like cheese.
The thing is, most of them say that cheese tastes disgusting, especially blue cheese. But they dip their food in little bowls of stuff that smells and tastes of sick.


rotting fish head sauce ring any alarm bells? FFS even Parmesan is better than that!


Kit Reviewer
rotting fish head sauce ring any alarm bells? FFS even Parmesan is better than that!
Maybe it's just me, but I'm quite fond of nuoc mam/nam pla.
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