New Bisley fee structure/round limit

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. Rumour control has it that the NRA, in its infinite wisdom, is introducing a new fee structure and a round limit for Bisley, namely £ 60 per day, maximum 100 rounds to be fired.

    Truth? Fiction? The problem is, it is so idiotic that I wouldn't put it past them....
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    death to the notional rifle association. Its a good job they werent NRO O for org as that is something they could never be! As an association they have bled UK shooters dry and been responsible for so much that is wrong I take pity on those who have no other choice but to shoot there!
  3. I sincerely hope that rumour control is wrong on this one, because what my source was saying was that it was 60 quid and 100 rounds irrespective of whether you shared targets, i.e. 10 people sharing one target would cost the same as them hiring 10 separate targets, i.e. 600.

    If 10 people were to share one target and only pay 60, they would each only be able to expend 10 rounds.

    It's totally illogical, which is bizarrely why with the NRA it is so plausible.

    please can he be wrong!
  4. Bisley should be somewhere that I view as a special occasion and enjoy shooting at. However I find that I get more enjoyment lying in a muddy puddle at Warcop.
  5. Methinx you might have got confused with their rates for hiring rifles from the range office.

    Which are outright bloody robbery. £48 for a day's hire of a .308, no more than 100rds down it or you pay extra. Oh, and no handloads, and no commercial ammo from outside either - you must buy from them at their stupid prices. Feck knows how they think they can tell how many/what type of ammo's been fired!
  6. Straight from their website: "Promoting Target Shooting Throughout the United Kingdom"

    My arse they do.
  7. Follwing mutterings, it has changed a bit, £30 per day for individual hire, 100 round limit, (although a 1/2 day hire has a 60 round limit.....)£60 per day club hire with a 200 round limit. Stiffed 15p per round if limits exceeded.

    "Due to proofing and safety considerations, only ammunition sold by NSC Ltd at the time of hire can be used in these firearms". So following that logic must be impossible to rent without buying ammo at the same time?