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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Morty, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. My new girl friend admited last night she's had an abortion and chlamidia to me last night. She's pretty hot but this kind of took the gloss off for me, i've only been seeing her for three week.

    Should I ditch her? Me mates reckon I should but like I say she's pretty mint.
  2. Does she take it up the Gary? If she's not up for bum fun, get rid of her. If she is, spend a week entertaining yourself in box two then ditch the wench before she infects you.
  3. She's clearly easy and as such a dead cert.

    She should ditch you for being such a latent homo.
  4. Something like 1 in 3 conceptions end in termination. Bet you've been out with others who have too.

    As for the chlamydia, again (at least in London aged 16-25) it's something like 1 in 5 or 1 in 6 people who carry it. People don't notice they have it.

    Neither means she is a gopping slag, just that she has done it with the bag off at least once.

    Would advise you don't until you get proof of the all clear in her case, as it can sting like f***!
  5. Right well, she had chlamidia, which means three things.

    1. She doesn't use johnnies (bonus for you?)
    2. She gets regular check-ups
    3. She know where the clinic is to get rid of that awful dose you are about to give her. :wink:

    I see no problems there?

    The abortion thing? Surely that's a bonus as she also knows where that clinic is as well. Then you won't be stuck with any screaming spawn a couple of months down the line/ tricked into marriage like some other poor unfortunates :roll: .

    Best of luck old chap- into the brink and beyond. Oh yeh, seconded, stop being a homo. Any hole is a goal.
  6. Do you know the background story to why she had the abortion? If not, don't be so harsh on her. I'm sure she had her reasons. (All you pro life cnuts can fcuk off as well before you start bleating on about right to life). However, if she had one due to her not being able to sort out between her and her pash at the time contraception, well, she ain't a very nice person then...

    As for the chlamydia, well it's treatable isn't it?

    And no, I've never had a dose of anything...
  7. Depends if she's also going to own up to the herpes, syphillus and shagging most of wherever she comes from
  8. What if people are against abortion but for killing babies?
  9. Those aren't issues in my eyes mate. If she's a good looking girl and you get on then there's nothing to worry about is there?
  10. Shes been very fucking honest mate which to me would be a bonus. Chlamydia is normally undetectable so thats not too bad, as for the abortion if she was young when it happened then no problem.

    At least you know two things:

    a) She wont get pregnant on you, unless you both want her to.

    b) Sh knows where the GUM clinic is and would get it sorted if she had anything. Plus she would have been checked for anything else while she was there.

    If you really don't want her give me her phone number and I'll have a go at her! :D
  11. Paragon-don't be a t0sser all your life.
  12. Do you do everything your mates tell you. Be a man and make up your own mind.
  13. Just came as a bit of a shocker tis all. She's a good girl from a nice part of town, big house and nice family and all that. I've dated girls in the past who have come out with this type of statment before and they turned out to be either nutcases or goppers. I was just a bit taken aback, but I guess that's what relationships are about aint it?
    I know she's had a rough time of it with a few of her ex's who treated her like shoit, and don't want to do that to her again. I don't know the ins and outs of the abortion because she clammed up a bit when I asked her. I don't think it'll matter in the long run really, just like I say, we've only been seeing each other for three weeks and things have got pretty deep given the small amount of time i've been seeing her.

    Edited for mong spelling
  14. Smash her back doors in, just because shes had a STD and got an abortion dosn't mean shes a spunkbucket, though usually it does but yes go for it....
  15. Everyone is intitled to make mistakes, the past is the past, and thats where it should stay. Are you saying you have never made a mistake, i think we all have at one time.