New bid to sway Ireland over treaty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by singha61, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. A proposal to break the logjam over the Republic's rejection of the EU's Lisbon Treaty may be presented to the gathering of member states' leaders in Brussels this week.

    Europe minister Dick Roche suggested Dublin will seek binding assurances that the Treaty will maintain Irish neutrality and protect its abortion laws and independence over taxation, as well as changes to guarantee a commissioner in Brussels for every member state, no matter how small. It is thought that, if accepted, these changes could pave the way for Brian Cowen's Government to declare a second referendum for next year, in the hope of reversing the No vote delivered by Irish voters in June.

    Any call for a second referendum would infuriate campaigners against the Treaty, who argue that the judgment of the only electorate in Europe to be allowed a vote on the document should be respected. Declan Ganley, who led the Libertas campaign for a No vote in the referendum, described the move as "almost Mugabe-esque" and said elites in Brussels were showing "absolute contempt" for the democratically expressed wishes of the Irish people.
  2. This scenario and others more draconian, were mooted shortly after the referendum. Such moves destroy democracy from within so should fit in well with the current HMG.
  3. I rather think you'll find that HMG policies don't hold sway in Eire.
  4. Do try to read the post, I never said they did, I merely remarked that such tactics would be well received by HMG. Are you deliberately obtuse or is it just unhappy happenstance?
  5. An Irish friend of mine observed that if the EU attempted to foist a second referendum on the populace, the Irish govt would be well advised to have three boxes on the ballot paper to permit the electorate to answer the question 'Do you support the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty?', namely:

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. What part of 'no' do you not understand, you feckin' eejits?
  6. Democracy at work, priceless!
  7. How do those in Eire opposed to Brit "occupation" of the Six counties feel about the EU's blatant power grab will they get misty eyed for Erins green pasture's and pick up thier rifles should the treaty be ratified?
  8. They can have a second, third or indeed a three hundreth referendum on Lisbon in the Republic, unless alone there is a change which makes the treaty finacially equitable for the Irish population it will be rejected. Very simple.
  9. Those people were against the treaty anyway, SF were one of the main opponants (hey at least most people here agree with them on one thing :p )
    BTW if people think the no vote was some sort of action against the EU, it really wasn't yes there was that, but we also had Libertas (stand up Mr Ganley) talking about 3 year olds being locked up, a conscripted army, we had the pro lifers on about abortion, we had religious groups on about the lack of Christianity (some of the stuff I got in the post went from funny to downright weird and disturbing 8O ) we had another section voting against it just because of the government, I was tempted to do that myself, but I just couldn't side with Sein fein of anything. The no camp was an odd mix of far leties/communist's/hippies ect who said the EU was some devious plan by the globalist capitalist elite to screw the prolatariat working with a bunch of right wingers, even further right wingers and little Irelanders who thought the 30's/40's and 50's in Ireland were too liberal and the EU is some commie plot to kill off Jesus.....somehow all these people managed to if not work together at least not murder each other for the duration. 8O
  10. being in agreement with Sinn fein makes me feel dirty
  11. Accept the Treaty or we won't lift the ban on your pork.

    Should do the trick
  12. What seems to be forgotten is that Ireland were the only ones who had a referendum. Those who are determined to push through the Lisbon Treaty regardless don't even know if a majority in Europe agree with it; because no other country's government held a referendum. Bliar wanted to steam roller it through, was that maybe because he had his sight set on higher office?
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'll say that for the Irish - they at least allowed their people a referendum. It's galling that, having expressed their wish not to ratify the 'treaty', the oirish gobment is now engaged in horse-trading the terms of EU membership with a view to having a second referendum. The stars predict, with Mars being in the ascendent, that the oirish gobment will at first attempt to 'do a bliar' and just ratify once it gets what it wants, just before the population get a bit uppity. They will then grant a second referendum, but the jury is still out on whether said second referendum will be a 'no' or rigged to become a 'yes'. They've been watching Illinoise closely, and are learning.
  14. trouble is the treaty isn't really a a yes no sort of answer anybody read the bloody
    thing I attempted to but soon lost the will to carry on.
    its not that the public couldn't understand it if they put the effort in but why would you:?

    If we held a referendum it wouldn't be on the treaty as nobody will have read it prejudice hatred of the gov in power etc etc :cry: that isn't democracy.