New bfg car how long does it need to be bfg'ed

Basically i'm planning on leaving the army but would like to purchase a tax free car b4 i leave
how long does the car need to be bfd before i can de bfg it to take it back to the UK permanently i plan on keeping it and not selling it
basically i've goggled this but found not solid answers hmrc says 6 months old 6 km done which means the vehicle wouldn't need to have tax paid on it
Another answer i got was it needs to be registered for 1 year 1 day b4 leaving bfg is this just for selling ?

thank you in advance
1 day of BFG,

6 month ownership before sales, but if anythings changed Id keep at least 1 year plus 1 day, so not to get hit with anything.
I would take 28 bravos advice however 7 days is the answer. In reality allow more to achieve customs doc. Unsure of their new number in Bielefeld but I do know the JHQ 72 4100 is forwarded to their new phones.
I bought my car at the end of Sept, took it back to UK end of Oct. It was BFGd as required, but didn't have a lights check. The hardest/longest part was getting the deBFG paperwork back in time, I BFGd it the first day back in Germany, and deBFGd it the moment I got the BFG paperwork back!

You deBFG it and get a letter telling you to keep the car for 1 year. As long as you do that your are sorted.

According to Vehicle Licensing - Vehicle Licensing - BFGnet your car must be BFGd AND in Germany for 7 days. So as long as you do what I did and allow your self 30 days before leaving Germany...

Pick up car,
BFG on first day back (allow 7 days)
deBFG car on first day possible (allow 7 days)
leave Germany and register car in UK.


The spirit of the BFG rules were to allow you to buy a car for German use (ie a LHD) and then get a car to return to UK (ie a RHD), so there is nothing wrong with you buying a tax free to go back to civvie street from Soldat Strasse.

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