New bfg car how long does it need to be bfg'ed

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by DemiSB, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Basically i'm planning on leaving the army but would like to purchase a tax free car b4 i leave
    how long does the car need to be bfd before i can de bfg it to take it back to the UK permanently i plan on keeping it and not selling it
    basically i've goggled this but found not solid answers hmrc says 6 months old 6 km done which means the vehicle wouldn't need to have tax paid on it
    Another answer i got was it needs to be registered for 1 year 1 day b4 leaving bfg is this just for selling ?

    thank you in advance
  2. 1 day of BFG,

    6 month ownership before sales, but if anythings changed Id keep at least 1 year plus 1 day, so not to get hit with anything.
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  3. sry 1 day of bfg is all thats needed if i plan on keeping the car?
  4. bfg it and then un bfg it, its a pain in hoop but thats it, pop into bfg office and ask
  5. posting to civ div, still you dont want to be hit by the tax man, he dont care what job your in
  6. Phone your local BFG Office and get advice from the horse's mouth.
  7. Because they are always right... :silent:
  8. Better than Cpl Google....
  9. I would take 28 bravos advice however 7 days is the answer. In reality allow more to achieve customs doc. Unsure of their new number in Bielefeld but I do know the JHQ 72 4100 is forwarded to their new phones.
  10. I bought my car at the end of Sept, took it back to UK end of Oct. It was BFGd as required, but didn't have a lights check. The hardest/longest part was getting the deBFG paperwork back in time, I BFGd it the first day back in Germany, and deBFGd it the moment I got the BFG paperwork back!

    You deBFG it and get a letter telling you to keep the car for 1 year. As long as you do that your are sorted.

    According to Vehicle Licensing - Vehicle Licensing - BFGnet your car must be BFGd AND in Germany for 7 days. So as long as you do what I did and allow your self 30 days before leaving Germany...

    Pick up car,
    BFG on first day back (allow 7 days)
    deBFG car on first day possible (allow 7 days)
    leave Germany and register car in UK.


    The spirit of the BFG rules were to allow you to buy a car for German use (ie a LHD) and then get a car to return to UK (ie a RHD), so there is nothing wrong with you buying a tax free to go back to civvie street from Soldat Strasse.
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  11. Yep,

    Changed to 1 year of keeping to prevent what your nefarious wheeling and dealing!

    And you have to register the veh yourself, in UK.