New BFG Car Headlight Regs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le Chiffre, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. According to an e mail sent round BFG, as of Monday it will be acceptable to 'flat-beam' your headlights to get through BFG registration process. This has to be done electrically / mechanically and not using stickers.

    Most modern cars can do this no problems, either via a switch on the dashboard or through a small lever on the back of each headlight.

    This is great news, as it means no need to spend hundreds of euros on costly continental lights if you fancy a new tax free motor. (Bit of a bummer for those who have just bought headlights they now no longer need.)

    Despite the aforementioned e mail my local BFG office have no information about this. Anyone know more?

    Griffin Tax Free are saying it's all ok and as of Monday can get through BFG fine without continental lights. But clearly don't want to do this until have 100% confirmation.

    Anyone know anything about this, other than what I have posted above? Many thanks.
  2. Last year. A friend of mine successfully passed his TUV test at an ISODET with headlight stickers. BFG VLO found out and weren't very happy - but a TUV test is legally binding! Sine then I've learned of others who have done the same thing
  3. Good stuff. Also heard stories about people getting through with 'borrowed' headlights (sometimes from a hire-car) or with a crate of Herforder on the passenger seat. And stories of people chinning off BFG completely, but that can land you in hot water when caught.
  4. You are Griffin Tax Free and I claim my £5 !!
  5. And so the wheel gets re-invented...
    Still won't stop the Bn headlights doing their annual rounds of camp come TUV renual time.
  6. TüV headligh laws changed in July (IIRC) last year, so make sure you follow up to date advice.
  7. BFGVLO are mongs. I recall years ago having trouble registering a scooter/moped. A letter demanded to know if it was left or right hand drive.... How I laughed at their ineptitude.
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  8. That's priceless. I would have framed it and put it on the bog wall.
  9. Yes, prior to 2008 we could get away with flat-beaming our lights. Then someone decided to change the rules and the whole of BFG had to run out and buy continental lights. At great cost and inconvenience.
  10. Remind me guys, is the bloke running the BFG car registration system in Germany a complete ****ing bellend or not? I can't remember.
  11. Yes a complete one, typical jobs for the boys utter crock of shite the whole system
  12. Anybody want/need a set of continental headlamps for an '81 Escort - I need the empy box for my VHS porn collection !!!
  13. The bloke who created the change was a REME Lt Col who I can confirm is a complete and utter ****ing bellend. Thankfully he is 'retired'. By that I mean he has left the Army and become an RO, continuing to empire build and if reports are to be believed, still pissing people off.

    It would seem common sense has prevailed and his decision has been reversed.

    He wanted to run the BFGVLO but thankfully he was chinned off. Crikey if you thought wee Tezza was a PITA, this would have been a 1000x worse.

    The bloke who actually runs the BFGVLO office, is by complete contrast a very reasonable bloke. Who, if you are having a problem with your BFG, will assist you, although this can be dependent on your attitude (his intervention got me out of the shit when I cocked up my BFG paperwork).

    Don't get me started on the anachronism that is C&I, which is where any problems with the BFG system seem to stem from. How they have survived this long is a complete mystery to me.
  14. Reports 100% true. Sharing a camp with him is a delight.
  15. Are there any documented cases where UK personnel have registered in the American system ('cos it is easier) and been 'caught' by BFGVLO? I understood the risk was if there was an injury accident or when a late-model car was then attempted to be taken back to UK.