British Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan will be able to watch EastEnders or NCIS, The Bill or Dragons’ Den, and many more of their favourite television programmes at a time that suits them thanks to the new BFBS '1 day later' channel which is launched on Monday 11th February 2008.

So if Top Gear is on at 2100 hours on Monday evening for families in Germany – which is after midnight in Helmand Province and well past their bedtime – now the boys and girls in the desert can catch it at Tuesday teatime at 18.30 hours local Afghan time.

The new channel, which is an 18-hour delay of peak time BFBS 1, is rolling out across Afghanistan and is also available in Iraq and on HM ships at sea in the region. BFBS is also making the channel available to single and unaccompanied personnel in SLA in Cyprus.

BFBS 1 day later has been funded by SSVC.

For some time BFBS has been aware that troops in Afghanistan particularly have been missing out on some of the most popular programmes on BFBS1 due to the time difference. Now, thanks to the SSVC trustees, they can watch the programmes that they really want to watch, at a convenient time. BFBS2 already caters for differing timezones by repeating its 6-hr block of programmes three times in 24 hours.

In a survey carried out in Iraq last year, 85% said they would welcome this time-shifted channel.

Those watching via DTT in Iraq and Afghanistan on their own TV sets with Freeview boxes, or on laptops with DTT sticks, will need to rescan to see the new channel. It can be found on channel 9.



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Can we have a new one in Germany to please!
Steady on BFBS, this might catch on with mainstream TV you know. Trying to go better than all the +1 Hour satellite channels eh? +1 day seems a good idea though but some of the guys out in Afg might appreciate a +3 or +4 weeks version! :D

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