New best bodyweight exercises MUST SEE.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Billboard, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Ive fixed the link. Enjoy but make sure to watch it all. Incredible strength.
  2. All of a sudden being able to do a few chin ups doesn't seem quite as impressive!
  3. Fcuk me sidways

    he must have started training when he was still a nipper, he should be in the olympics...

    is that all he's got to do with his time (lucky sod)
  4. He must be on steroids cause his biceps are bigger than 15". :wink:
  5. anti-gravitational moment at 3:03 8O
  6. Not to take anything away from the fella, for it's certainly impressive. But he doesn't do anything that a trained gymnast can't do. In fact, we used to carry out exercises like that as a warm-up before going on the rings.

  7. And how many people can do the rings? Not many.
  8. As I stated - trained gymnasts.

    BTW, his arms do look bigger than 15', but don't think that's all good. Mine were 17½' in my active time as a gymnast (I'm five-nine) and I could never get shirts or jackets that would fit me. Swings and roundabouts, I suppose.

  9. But at what level? I was a school gymnast, but the rings had me beat. Knuckle smash every time I attempted a crucifix. Same as every one else in the team.
  10. Yes, I was alluding to the fact that anyone that looks slightly muscular must be on steroids in many peoples eyes. I'm surprised you couldn't find shirts to fit with 17.5" arms. Maybe you should stop shopping at Mothercare? :wink:
  11. Well, I'm talking about national and international level, obviously. But I also started gymnastics at school. Admittedly, the rings rapidly became my particular speciality, but just about everybody in the team could manage a crucifix. And don't forget, this was at a time when the "seated crucifix" was mandatory. Nobody was happier than me when it was finally changed to a hanging crucifix.

  12. School team?
  13. Sorry, my omission, mucker. Yes, it was the school team. Of course, nobody can manage a crucifix straight off the bat. It was me who discovered that sticking your arms through the rings to above your elbows, grasping the rope above it and doing pull-ups using just your lats rapidly builds them up and enables you to (sort of) pull off a crucifix in a very short time. After that, it's just a question of constant practice and refinement.

    We all found that it was getting the sitting bit right that was most difficult, and not the hanging bit. But, as I said, that was eventually changed to just hanging, which was a godsend.