New Berlin Wall/Iron Curtain ?

Gents are we now watching a New Berlin Wall/Iron Curtain being erected?
The old western communist 'States" of the Soviet are slowly being absorbed into Nato and European union.
On the souther borders of Russia the countries seem to be having revolution after revolution and going from pro Russia to pro USA.
Ganistant has been invaded and a pro US government installed.
Slowly the noose is tightning,Iraqi, Georgia, Kyrgzstan and Now the pro Bush but politically unaceptable state of Uzbeckistan.
Allies and oil.
Coincedence or a well thought out neo con plan ?
Is that 'Brilliant' we are surrounding the cold war enemy and getting ready to fight the er! Last war that never got hot or just Brill any old way you choose.
Jonwilly wrote:

"Coincedence or a well thought out neo con plan ?"

I vote: "well thought out neocon plan."

They are playing with fire while the American public is stupefied by a non-stop diet of the Michael Jackson child molesting trial, the peregrinations of the "runaway bride," and other such malarky.

"The Caucasus rumbles with seismic tremors, as the tectonic plates of power shift. In newly 'liberated' Kyrgyzstan, the pink-and-yellow 'revolutionaries' are seizing the property of Russian speakers and effectively carrying out an anti-Russian ethnic cleansing. Moldova smolders, while the Americans openly incite the Belarusians to rise."

"Commemorating A World War - And Starting Another One" by Justin Raimondo.
Ah now we are getting on thread.
The great unwashed, the Mid west yankee voter, the people who put Georgei boy back in office.
Michael Jackson and Runnaway brides, couldn't have put it better myself, certainly have their priorities fully sorted back in downtown USA.
King George is starting wars left right and centre and 'did he din't he to numerous boys' is of more conncern.
Soon the $ will be owned by the east and The Emperor will have to jump to their commands, or more likely, the succesor to the 'reformed' Alkoholic will have to sort out his problems.
Belt tightening sounds in order, but not in the times of good King George II who will never be able to use that beloved phrase of all Americans 'Not on My Watch'.
I meant brilliant in so far as serendipidous. Conspiracy theories are really old hat and I doubt the leaders of most countries could organise a shag in a brothel let alonea Fait accomple(?) as proposed.They don't deal and shuffle the cards they just let them fall anywhere.
I don't think all the regime changes havedone much for the common man.
"I doubt the leaders of most countries could organise a shag in a brothel"

Hum well I'm not going to argue too much on that one. It always amused me when we had a Saudi prince taking the pizz about Bush's interlect after they met and that was before 9/11.
No it's these Neo Cons, the brains behind King George II who we have to blame for the mess the USA has got us into.
But where is it all going ? Who is the next enemy ? The US cannot exsist as a state without an enemy, or not since WW II ended.
Serendipidous, like it, almost on par with Supercolourflagalisticexpertcunnilingus.
Oh bye the way if ya wants a Pizz up organised in a den of ill repute I'm ya man.

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