New Beret Reqd

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Hexitele, May 22, 2011.

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  1. I'm going to be in need of a new beret very soon.

    Where can one buy a decent one as I'll not be wearing the 9x9 I've been issued to replace my current one.

    I'm after the one which doesn't come down passed the jaw like that worn by a cadet CSM.

  2. Am I missing something here? Surely you just pop to the QM and ask 'em for a new one.
  3. Let me google that for you
  4. Damn it too slow
  5. Use the search function
    Use Google
    Use your QMs Dept
    Use rat poison you dull kunt
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  6. Your more helpfull since you stopped smoking.
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  7. Silvermans, even Cadet RSMs know that. Take money.

  8. Too much break dancing worn it out ? - Are you starring in the re run of 'some mothers do ave em' ? If so you'll find berets a plenty in Allders of Croydon.
  9. Apologies for not accounting for sarcasm.

    Going to see the QM would leave me looking like I'm wearing a fecking 9x9 on my bonce and I'd be better off dying a noddy suit hood khaki and shaping that. The issue ones are attrocious hence I bought my current one 6 years ago (In Germany at the PRI not in The UK as a TA type).

    Also the tinterweb baffles me at the best of times. I had already searched google which had left me wondering which ones were which as its been a while since I've required any green kit.

    So thanks for the advice... C***s! :D
  10. Eh? ten letters
  11. Does your carer always let you play on the computer unsupervised?
  12. What colour is your beret?
  13. Apologies if my advice was a tad unwelcome - As it's been pointed out; I have recently given up smoking you mutherfuckingkuntfacedbastards! :)

    Get a smaller issue lid; stretch the band shape the rest of it. Simples! (I wear an issue 54cm lid on a 62cm melon - small cut under your flappy bit and jobs a goodun!)
  14. X59

    X59 LE

    Get yourself to Colchester where you'll be handed a maroon one with your bedding.
  15. ******* Hell! You do realise you're supposed to take your helmet off before putting your beret on. :D

    Tried the old getting a smaller one years ago but just ended up with bad case of beret head and four foot of wool to keep my ear warm.