New BCD Aid Memoire Summer 2009

At last the New Aid Memoire is out - of course you don't get told, you just find out in conversation. Went to the BCDT area on Army Net - just the new front page but blowed if I can find all the new videos etc that I was told about! And apparently the new AM doesn't look a lot different - no Super Six, no BLS... Anyone know where us instructors should go for all this info?

Any chance of a linkey or indeed a download..:)

Just a thought..

Why do they keep updating this aide memoire, surely it's First Aid etc.
BLS and CPR / ECC are core modules that should not be faffed about with.

Why the need to constantly mess about with the format?
Or are they trying to keep in line with NHS / Or ever changing Military medical practises.

Plus trying to get hold of these elusive buggers is like Rocking Horse Sh1t!!
BLS isn't in the Aide Memoire (version 5 anyway) and is issued as per the Ressucitation Council Guidelines. I have done my own version of these guidelines (for my own entertainment) that you can see if you search for BCD on these forums...

The rest has been evolving with feedback from Ops and BCDTs - certainly version 5 had a couple of anomolies that were only obvious when used - hopefully they'll be ironed out in the new version although someone who has seen Edition 6 says that only Burns has changed.

Just heard that the info. I'm after is on DII and not on ArmyNet - as a TA medic that means that I'm stuffed as I cannot download to anything, I cannot email anything and I cannot print due to the security settings. I despair...
Cheers Region,
Yeah i cannot access DII or Armynet..Arrse!!..
If only they posted a Link onto this forum for all to Download or other social networking sites to spread the word a new version was in the pipeline etc.
It would save a time and having to pester Training Wing bods.
The real Arrse of it is that they have records of those that are BCDT qualified so it cannot be that hard to notify them through official channels of the new release.

I did the UEHD and UHA courses recently - they don't even have a web page, let alone allow you to download stuff.

This is where the system falls over - TA soldiers do a course and then may only dip into the subject once or twice a year - sometimes less. Skill fade sets in.

My own experience, as a TA CMT1, was when I was given an ambulance on OPs. The Sh|t I got for not knowing anything about it from the Regs. I had to explain that, on my CMT1 course 15 years previously they didn't teach PFAs and we didn't have one for me to play with.

It could all be done so much better!

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