New BBC drama Our Girl

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by DesktopCommando, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Lacey Turner looks ready for battle in first pictures of her in full army attire for new drama Our Girl | Mail Online


    Most people remember Lacey Turner as her EastEnders alter ego Stacey Slater – the straight speaking market stall holder.

    But it seems the actress has well and truly left that look behind as the first pictures from her latest BBC drama Our Girl have been released, showing her in full army attire.

    The 24-year-old, who plays an East London girl who shocks her family by joining the army, looks a far cry from her normal self in the military uniform.

    These are juxtaposed against pictures of her character, Molly Dawes, before she joins the army, with long blonde hair, crying in the street.

    Speaking about Molly, who is a nail bar beautician before she decides to train as a combat medic ready to serve in Afghanistan, Lacey told the Metro: ‘On the surface, she’s similar to Stacey – she’s a council estate white girl and they’re both quite loud.


    In preparation for the drama, which is written by former EastEnders writer Tony Grounds, Lacey completed ten weeks of the usual 14-week induction course at an Army training base.

    Discussing marching alongside 200 real army cadets, she admitted: ‘That was so scary. I felt if I put a foot wrong, it was their real rehearsal.

    'As I walked on to the passing-out parade I was crying with fear because I felt like it was going to go like dominoes and it would all be my fault.

    But luckily I had a girl in front and behind and they were mouthing hints out of the corner of their mouth.'

    While some of the training may have scared her, she does seem proud about what she can now do.
    Lacey revealed: ‘I can take a rifle apart just like that and put it back together,


    .....Im looking forward to the scence when shes got a ball in a sock and utters the words "Im Queen Bee Now !!"
  2. whats with that belt (around the smock) and is just me or does it not appear to have the compass pouch?
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  3. I'd be on it like a tramp on hot chips. :hug: ;-)
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  4. wah shield up....current dress regs
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  5. Smoking hot. All I need is her, the padre and Bird from BS42 and ill be in heaven.
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  6. "In preparation for the drama, which is written by former EastEnders writer Tony Grounds". Oh dear.

    I heard her on the radio yesterday and she came across as a good lass. I will be tuning in, as the blurb says it will contain lots of swearing and some sexual content - I live in hope!
    If all else fails and it is dire, at least it will give all us old and bold an excuse to start another thread complaining about poorly shaped berets and over-friendly DS!
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  7. I hope a second series is created.

    This will obviously show the star being stalked and converted by the unit shot putters and eventually gaining a few stones while sporting a crew cut.
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  8. In the publicity shot posted by the OP the beret actually looks fine - Signed an Old 'n Bold.
  9. I think it looks pretty good. Definitely gonna watch it on Sunday.
  10. You were looking at her beret? Away with your common sense reply!
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  11. looks a bit big thro.......;-)
  12. In light of todays announcement:

    BBC News - Military Cross for 'cool-headed' soldier

    Army medic L/Cpl Abbie Martin, meanwhile, has been awarded the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service after running across open ground while under fire to treat a dying comrade.

    It couldnt be more aposite.

    Then there was this:

    Soldier and medic who saved his life to receive Military Cross - British Army Website

    A soldier who led the assault after being seriously injured in a Taliban ambush and the medic who saved his life have been awarded the Military Cross (MC).

    Lieutenant John Scarlett, of the Coldstream Guards, led his Police Advisory Team to visit an Afghan National Civil Police check point (CP) in the Upper Gereshk Valley. He was joined by Lance Corporal Stephen Shaw, a Combat Medical Technician with the Royal Army Medical Corps.

    How amazing are our medics.
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  13. Absolutely agree, but would add ALL our servicemen and women to that accolade for the work they do out in that God-forsaken pit.
  14. Attention to detail or maybe a mong of a technical advisor.

    Her collar dog on the left is incorrect. Not a matched pair and without the serpent's head pointing in as per dress regs.

    Just saying........
  15. I bet she gets slotted just as she gets her life on track / last week of tour blah blah.