New Battalion For South Australia

Discussion in 'Australia' started by IrishInOz, Jan 19, 2011.

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  1. Hmm... using soldiers to boost the economy. Aslo keeps people off the dole (until the next round of defence cuts).
  2. Pretty old news .... anyway, here goes:

    When the idea was originally conceived, it was during the last mining boom, and when the ADF was battling massive retention problems. The powers-that-be finally conceded that 'Army Presence In the North' (APIN) had its costs (as if nobody saw that coming ...). A posting in Adelaide would provide 'respite' from endless tropical North 'top end' postings, 1 BDE & 3 BDE.

    Another way of selling the concept is the realisation that having entire ranges out of action for the duration of the wet season was not conducive to good training; note also the expansion of Cultana (something like a doubling of the size of the range). So 1 BDE units and sub-units will now have year-round access to training areas (and Adelaide's deep water port and defence infrastructure etc), and families have a 'respite' posting location.

    For what it's worth, this little black duck thinks the entire APIN concept was a crock, and not worth nearly the cost to families and to the tax payer that has resulted. ANAO calculated the cost of a soldier in Darwin is $15k more to the taxpayer than one in Brisvegas or Sydney. There is also the problem of FBT for provision of a couple of round-trip flights home for each defence family; the ATO deems members of the ADF to be no different to other employees in this regard.

    C'mon .... it's no longer 1942. If we're going to retreat into a DOA shell again, then post all the Ronnies & Pussers up to Darwin, Townsville & Derby instead, so they can defend the 'sea-air gap'.
  3. Thanks for the reply Timmypig, which was an interesting read.

    I have been out of the loop for a fair while and so have lost touch with the current way of thinking.

    As far as I can recall, they also moved units out of Pucka and moved them north.

    I would have thought that a posting to Darwin would be more popular the one to Adelaide but I see your point in regard to providing 'respite' from endless tropical North.

    Personally, I prefer the cooler climate of the southern States such as Victoria and Tasmania.

  4. Please forgive my ignorance, but does this mean further expansion of the Australian Infantry?

    It must be nice to be in an Army that is actually expanding. Unlike us... :(
  5. The Bn moving to Adelaide is 7 RAR, who delinked from 5/7 a couple of years ago when the Australian Army 'grew' a little.
  6. Nige was right, 7RAR has been around a while.

    A recent Govt. White Paper (the last one???) recommended "growing" 2 more Inf. battalions so the Aus Army would have 10 battalion sized battlegroups. But, a relatively recent White Paper also suggested that Australia should have a 18 sub navy, which isn't going to happen. So, who knows.

    Expanding ADF, probably. In which direction...