New batch of medals awarded for Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. The selfless heroes of Afghanistan: My stomach was torn open... so I tucked my shirt in and kept shooting

    By MATTHEW HICKLEY and PAUL HARRIS - More by this author »

    Last updated at 22:23pm on 6th March 2008

    Private Luke Cole: Awarded the Military Cross
    They all made a pact before they went to war.

    Whatever happened to them in Afghanistan no one - dead or alive - would be left behind.

    One night in Helmand Province, that pledge was put to the test.

    In a terrifying split second, the close-knit group from one of the Army's most battle-scarred units came under fire from a hail of Taliban bullets and rocket-powered grenades.
    M on the link
  2. Well now that the list is live, congratulations to all those on it.
  3. Link doesnt work
  4. Fair play
  5. One of the Vikings guys:

    Fantastic bravery. Mother's quote: "I couldn't decide whether to hug him because I was relieved he was OK or slap him because he had done something so outrageously dangerous" :D
  6. Very well done everyone.
  7. I thought I'd post the Guardian piece. The link to the interactive account of the battle the Mercians had is on the right [with very moving video interviews with the men involved], and there's a video interview with Captain Simon Cupples.


    The interactive is here:

    The full-length magazine piece is here:

    And the short interview with Cupples is here.



  8. Nice one Mum!

    Congrats to all.
  9. Well done lads
  10. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Well done all. Hats off
  11. I'm biased, of course, so went straight to the 1R Anglian awards.

    What a remarkable tally for one battalion in six months and a reflection of the conditions under which all served. All ranks deserve praise, but clearly and especially those who recieved:

    1 Distinguished Service Order
    6 Military Crosses
    1 Queens Gallantry Medal
    5 Mentioned in Despatches
    1 Queens Commendation for Valuable Service

    Well done to all Vikings. How very proud I am of those of you serving now and of being a Viking Veteran.

    Equally proud of all other units and those who received awards too. Well done! May those who fell be always remembered and may those who were wounded have swift and strong recoveries.
  12. I tip my hat to all, a credit to the Army, their families and the country.