New Basics - Fact or Fantasy?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Erasmus, Dec 1, 2010.

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  1. There is a growing requirement to increase the amount and variety of basic skills and knowledge that soldiers require and therefore the burden to deliver more in the same or less time increases. The latest cry is "New Basics", or in simple terms what should or could the Army be focussing on now in the light of experiences in Iraq/Afghanistan and our vision of future conflict to embedd teh critical skills and drills that every soldier, regardless of rank needs. The simplistic view of left, right, left, gas, gas, gas and targets fall when hit is not an answer (the complexity of modern soldiering under the media spotlight and reliant on technology (comms, navigation, Counter IED etc) has seen to that. Similar to the US Army's Warrior Programme re-write last Summer what are the fundamentals and to what depth do they need to be taught?

    So given 14 weeks, is rifle drill a fundamental skill every soldier should have (within the context of its utility) or can that wait until Phase II or in the build up to a parade whilst we teach him or her how to shoot better, is Counter IED more important than PT and should we focus on Values and Standards and introducing healthy lifestyle over teaching pistol and belt fed weapons (not currently taught to non-infantry Phase 1).

    Appreciating some may question the question but what do you think?
  2. At the ITW(a TA thing) rumour has it that we're going to phase out the CBRN package and replace it with C-IED once ITG have given us the new syllabus. This is at Phase One & Two, what happens beyond that I have no idea.The SuT(recruits) constantly mention on the internal validation that way too much time is spent on V&S, again that is their opinion and not ITGs.
  3. Get rid of marching, no one marches into battle anymore. Bimbling is the way ahead
  4. As the TA obviously did judging by their Remembrance Day tick-tocking escapades the length and breadth of the country.
  5. During basic trg we were informed marching teaches team cohesion and the ability to follow orders without question (demonstrated by marching us into the pylon in the middle of the square and straight into the wooden building at the bottom of the square!).

    TA march in a crap manner because, generally, they only get to march in a formed body during basic trg and for the odd hour before a parade (MTDs are difficult to justify for marching).
  6. Belt fed weapons are taught in some phase 1 establishments. (Well they were supposed to be as I was leaving)!