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Felix Baumgartner, the bloke who flew across the English channel with a delta wing on his back and who pulled off a 29 metre BASE jump has done it again.

Just over a week ago on 18 Aug 06, he took up HSB's challenge when they said it was 'impossible' for anyone to BASE from their 'Turning Torso,' the 623 landmark bldg in Malmö, Sweden.

He lobbed from a chopper to land on the roof of the tower, then BASE'd down to street level.
A getaway motorcyle waiting on the ground took him to a speedboat which whisked him out of reach of the Swedish police to Denmark.

HSB being utter wnakers reported him to the civpol for trespass, despite receiving the best gratis publicity they could ask for.

He left his first rig on the roof, "they can keep it as a souvenir"
As Red Bull paid for it I don't think he's that bothered.

I looked for this film as soon as I saw it on the news, an impressive drop of flying by anyone's stds.
Those of you who fly squares will appreciate the skill of this Austrian nutter.

Watch the vid here.

Edit: Baumgartners website: 502.
Would the heli pilot get in trouble for it though? He must have filed a flight plan or be able to be tracked down?

The extraction was clockwork though, did wonder what he did with his chute. Had a feeling he didn't repack on the roof!


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chocolate_frog said:

The extraction was clockwork though, did wonder what he did with his chute. Had a feeling he didn't repack on the roof!
See my last.
Nice vid.... and a clean getaway to boot :)
I've heard that the Swedish Health and Safety Commission are also looking at a potential prosecution, as he didn't wear a crash-helmet when he rode off on the motor-bike after landing 8O :)

You'd think he would set a good example, he knew it was being filmed, eh ...
Just saw this on the MSN website - fab picture of another base jumper (Johannes Rose) in action, or should that be relaxing?

German Johannes Rose jumps before parachuting down from Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur. Rose is among 80 BASE (Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) jumpers who are in Kuala Lumpur to participate in a jump in conjunction with the 49th anniversary of the country's independence on August 31.


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Nibbler said:
Luuurvvly... Brings a smile to the face... :) Do you really mean a '29 metre' base jump????
Yep, all 95' of it from the Christ statue in Rio.

Check here.

I think the previous record was 102' by a ex-Bootie who lobbed from the Whispering Gallery in St Paul's back in '92.
It's probably still the lowest indoors BASE.

Yeah - I tracked it down - that is truly impressive: any fool can fall out of a door with a 'chute on his back, if he has enough room to sort it out, but 29 metres is approaching insane... The indoor booty is quite a fair effort, as well...


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What for ?

They're not trespassing.
The fact he has Red Bull on his canopy means 4/5 of fokoll, otherwise Levi Strauss, Reebok and Ben Sherman would be nicked too.

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