New Barrack Dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Outstanding, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Does it exist?
    When is it due to be issued?
  2. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    The new barrack dress is under development with DC IPT and PS12 it will come on line in 2 or 3 years more than likely with the introduction of PECOC when combats will once again be field wear. The items so far include:

    Trousers – based on the new No 2 dress
    Shirt – based on the new No 2 dress
    Tie - based on the new No 2 dress
    Socks – based on the new No 2 dress
    Shoe - based on the new No 2 dress

    Waterproof jacket – like the RN one but in green

    The new No2 issue will run over 4 years starting in late 08 (training establishments and FIS units first.

    The fielding plan and tender process are due if February and are due to have a web based ordering system. The first of many and will form the future of all clothing support (so I am told).
  3. Any pictures?

    More importantly, will there be "Grandfather rights" for privately purchased old-style Service Dress? Blooody hope so, otherwise I'm going to be out of pocket if I'm unable to sell mine when I leave the Green next year...
  4. if you purchased your service dress...was it not part of a dress grant?
  5. heres what i got of 'the rifles' website;

    OR's Barrack Dress (Shirt Sleeve Order):
    Standard issue beret with RIFLES Cap Badge, Rank shirt (black buttons) and Stable Belt

    Issued Barrack Dress trousers

    Black Boots.

    Officers Barrack Dress (Summer):
    Rifle Green side hat with RIFLES capbadge to front and Back-Badge.

    RIFLES pattern cream shirt (Black Buttons) wearing a Black and Green Whistle Cord

    Service Dress Trousers (pending new issue).

    RIFLES green stable belt with black buckles and fittings

    Black George Boots or Black Brouges
  6. Common sense would dictate a simple arrangement of twos staying as they are. Barrack dress being twos but mit out jacket, Jumper for winter.

    There you have it. 3 styles of dress from pretty much one set of clothes.

    Bring in Lightweights for working dress/coveralls.

    Obviously with all of the above for ironing leaves CS 95 for dieing in.

    Mag to grid all the issue PT kit as it is never worn. But allow lads to purchase at rock bottom prices sqn/tp/bty/coy/plt/regt/bn affiliated sports kit.
  7. As a WO1, I don't get a grant; if I did I wouldn't spend it on a dress...
  8. Have we not got better things to spend the military budget on than new ginger marching suits that get worn once a year and barrack dress that a few seniors and RP staff are unlucky enough to have to wear?
  9. Agreed. I wore the stuff day in day out for over a year. The only saving grace was not having to wear a KF shirt with it !!! Anyway this "new" barrack dress looks exactly the same as the old one. If the pics off The Rifles site are anything to go by.

  10. All the office dwellers should wear barracks anyway, and the lads should wear twos/barracks quite often - waiting on, freedom parades, christmas lunch the list is endless... It is much better to look smart than turn up like a sack of sh1t in CS95. I feel for the poor buggers who have had to pass off in CS95.
  11. But what about the jumper? Will it be the old style, much loved, "wooley pulley?"

  12. WHAT ????? passing off in 95s !!! Please tell me your kidding. I,ve been out a few years now, but has it really got that bad for kit availability ?.

  13. Mine was 2 years ago now and we all passed off in 2's but with Beret as they couldn't get enough hats to outfit an entire troop, and the problem extended to Blandford with remembrance parades etc being in Berets because the Tailors refused to let people put all the buttons on themselves, and took at least 1 month to turnaround the caps

  14. I passed off in a beret aswell. This was was blamed on the fire at Donnington. This was used as an excuse for almost every pice of non existant kit for years afterwards. Stormen even gave it its own name FOFAD (fcuk off, fire at donnington ) when requests for kit were subbmited. But IMHO I think berets look alot smart than caps anyway. Especially our R Sigs ones which just made us look like bloody postmen or bus conducters.

  15. Will officers seriously have to wear that 'hat thing' shown in the picture